The Secret Circle Volume 3 The Power Pdf

The Secret Circle Volume 3 The Power Pdf

The Secret Circle Volume 3 The Power Pdf

The Secret Circle Volume 3 The Power Pdf

About the book:

The Secret Circle Volume 3 The Power book

Author:                        L. J. Smith

Publisher:                    HarperTeen; Third Printing edition

Publish date:               November 15, 1992

ISBN-10:                      0061067199

ISBN-13:                      9780061067198

Pages:                          320 eBook pages can be different

Language:                   English

Genres:                        Fantasy, romance, young-adult fiction



This is the final installment in the Secret Circle trilogy, which I read when it first came out, back when I was a kid. Do yourselves a favor and read it. Noticeably more intricate than the TV series, and it explains why Harry Potter felt like a bad truism.

Rereading this trilogy was surprising- I had overlooked how good it was, how well-developed the characters were, and how amazingly Cassie- the protagonist- goes from being a timid mouse to becoming a strong and proficient leader, despite her own self-doubt (showing the multidimensional characterization).

These books also associated for me many different Fantasy interests- paganism, druidism, Greek gods and goddesses, re-creation. More than 15 years later, I can actually say that I see how these books influenced me in my divine pursuit and informed my love of nature and respect for the elements.

I commiserated deeply with Cassie. Her feelings of being a stranger, of having to take on leadership despite being ill-prepared. She was and still is a brilliant role model, especially for younger readers. Highly recommended- I couldn’t put down. My only criticisms. Plot is so addictive I flashed through the trilogy in 24 hours; and why weren’t there any upshots?? I would have liked to see how everyone in the Circle ended up, particularly Cassie’s romantic life.
Right, so, this one was always the favorite book of this trilogy before. That’s one of the sad parts about rereading childhood favorites. Those Breathtaking-Astonishing-Mind Blown! Parts lose their magic, somehow. In this case, I have gotten too sophisticated to be able to totally buy into the ending. That, and I finally understood that Smith really did a crap job on writing this ending. It’s always looked a bit fast paced before, but this time it was actually gone in the blink of an eye.

No wonder they changed the whole TV series around to match some other story. This ending, made not much rational sense, was over much too fast and was totally cliché perfect. While those things were easy to engross when I was a kid, it’s not so much the case anymore.

Anyway! Moving on from the discontent, it was entertaining to reread this whole series again! It will always be in my past as a growing up/life changing series, since it really did touch me much in those influential years. But now it’s time to move on to greener meadows and enlarge my horizons! (You see, cliché’s have stuck with me!)

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