The Secret Place Pdf

The Secret Place Pdf

The Secret Place Pdf

The Secret Place Pdf

About the book:

The Secret Place book

Author:                        Tana French

Publisher:                   Random House Books for Young Readers; First Edition edition

Publish date:               September 12, 1955

ISBN-10:                      0394800842

ISBN-13:                     9780394800844

Pages:                          64 eBook pages can be different

Language:                   English

Genres:                        Children Books


Tana French is a chameleon with her composition, and once again, she has produced something totally unique.That said, The Secret Place has more in common with The Likeness than any other old book – there is a similar feeling of brittle lightness, of perfect surfaces with horror lurking beneath.The mundane takes on a special quality, and things like the girls returning to school after the summer are described in perfect prose that never feels forced. It is well written and she has a come a long way since her first script. Into the Woods was a wonderful story and had some beautiful scenes and characters, but it was obviously a first novel and had some rough edges. The Secret Place is well managed and beautifully done. The story switches back and forth between Moran/Conway, and Holly and her schoolmates. The narrative often bleeds together when the detectives are interviewing the St Kilda’s population, and time shifts seamlessly between past and present. It is a contiguous and flowing style of voices/points of view, as well as alternation of time. And, although the teens are a significant component of the story, this is not a YA novel.The causes are complex, and in that respect is no simplification of text toward younger audiences.Nevertheless, sophisticated YA readers may enjoy the relatable aspects of teenage angst. Tana French is a dexterous, talented craftswoman and imaginative storyteller, my personal front-runner mystery writer of the 21st century. Her special talent with language and imagery establishes her work in the category of literature, not genre mystery.Still, she is one of the most intimate writers I’ve read–she is here for the reader who desires a penetrating, psychological character study couched in a mystery/suspense tale.She also has a flair for ambiguity, which will keep you thinking and wondering, even after the very conclusion.Like animation, not everything is linked up in a bow; it’s more like a mile.The Secret Place is something more than a off the cuff crime page-turner. Thither are many matters about this novel, its terminology and its characters, that I’m sure will linger in my memory long after I have blanked out entirely about the crime element of the game. I like the constant mystery of not knowing whether this is an important cue for the murder or just another crazy piece of animation. Now I just need her to write more.

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