The shellcoder’s Handbook Pdf

The shellcoder’s Handbook Pdf

The shellcoder's Handbook Pdf

The shellcoder’s Handbook Pdf

About the book:

The shellcoder’s Handbook book

Author:                        Chris Anley

Publisher:                    Wiley; 2 edition

Publish date:               August 20, 2007

ISBN-10:                      047008023X

ISBN-13:                      9780470080238

Pages:                          744 eBook pages can be different

Language:                   English

Genres:                       Hacking and Security



Not for rookies, you need profound knowledge of C, assembler and IA32 architecture along with some knowledge of the Linux and Windows operating systems. If you have this then it will be sufficient (Even if you have not ever heard of a buffer surfeit before).
What surprises me, is the huge amount of slips in the book. These go from overlooking to take in memory allocation procedures in some sample code and putting incorrect labels in some figures to talking about certain parts of code while in reality displaying totally different lines of code or talking about different addresses in the details from the ones on the sample code and program output that they mention.

Of course, people familiar with these subjects who also have a profound knowledge of the required programming languages and architectures will catch these faults easily. The problem is that there are so many of them that it gets bothersome at some point and you finish asking yourself why the editorial reviewers didn’t do their job properly.

Also, the only material found in the web page of the book is the source code to most of the examples. Certainly much less equated to all the material that the writers assured in the book to be there (so don’t assume to discover more than this).
It is a brilliant reference book though, and if you invest the time to read the book thoroughly and make notes to fix the slips in the book you will find that even this action is worthwhile. Some might even say that the writers put the slips there intentionally to keep script kiddies away from this knowledge, but I don’t think that would be REASONABLE with a book like this which has produced so much expectation. Expectantly the next version will have all this fixed.

This book stands out for the material it offers. Other books have tease and clue at some of these concepts for perhaps a sentence or 2, but they never actually expound any of them. It’s rare to find details of this material. There is no fuzz and no muddle (apart from for slips in the examples). This is well-cooked, and a delight to read. It is the ultimate text book for learners of vulnerability discovery.
I will highly recommend this book despite of its slipups because it has all the info you need.


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