The Silver Chair Pdf

The Silver Chair Pdf

The Silver Chair Pdf

The Silver Chair Pdf

About the book:

The Silver Chair book

Author: C. S. Lewis

Series: Chronicles of Narnia

Publisher: Harper Collins Children’s Books

Publish date: (1 Oct. 2009)

ISBN-10: 0007323093

ISBN-13: 978-0007323098

Pages: 224 eBook pages can be different

Language: English

Genres: Classics, Literature, Science Fiction, Fantasy


In this story, we will find Eustache who is at his school. We will also make a new acquaintance who is Jill Pole, a girl who is at the same school as Eustache. While they both try to flee their comrades, they will end up in Narnia. Eustache and Jill will be separated for a while and it is at this moment that Jill will meet the great Aslan. The latter will entrust to him a mission which is to find the lost prince. Then Aslan will bring the two children together to accomplish this quest. But they will not be alone during this adventure, a swamp named Puddlegum will be their companion on this trip. In this story we will also have the chance to see Prince Caspian as well as the dwarf Trompillon who have aged well because 70 years elapsed between the first coming of Eustache and this time.

The pen of the author is always pleasant to read with these pretty landscapes that make us escape. I greatly appreciate the adventure side that he gives more or less to each of these volumes. I found this tome very sympathetic with one thing happening in the end that made me a little sad. However, I find that the more we come to the end of this saga, the more the tomes run out of steam and I have more and more difficult to attach to the characters because they are not the ones we knew at the beginning Of the saga.

To conclude, I enjoyed reading but it is not a tome that I loved. The adventure itself was very friendly but also not transcendent. I expect a little more for the last volume that I hope will conclude beautiful this youthful and fantastic saga.

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