The Story of My Life Pdf Book Download

The Story of My Life Pdf Book Download

The Story of My Life Pdf Book Download

The Story of My Life Pdf Book Download

About the book:

The Story of My Life Pdf Book Download

Author:                                Helen Keller

Publish Date:                     September 18, 1996

Publisher:                            Dover Publications; New edition

ISBN-10:                               0486292495

ISBN-13:                               978-0486292496

Language:                           English

Book Pages:                       80

Genre:                                  Biography, Audiobook



When she was 19 months old, Helen Keller (1880-1968) endured a serious ailment that left her visually impaired and hard of hearing. Not long after, she likewise got quiet. Her persevering battle to beat these debilitations with the assistance of her roused instructor, Anne Sullivan-is one of the extraordinary stories of human fearlessness and devotion. In this excellent self-portrayal, initially distributed in 1903, Miss Keller relates the initial 22 years of her life, including the enchanted minute at the water pump when, distinguishing the association between the saying “water” and the icy fluid streaming over her hand, she understood that questions had names. Ensuing encounters were similarly huge: her  happiness at inevitably figuring out how to talk, her companionships with Oliver Wendell Holmes, Edward Everett Hale and different notables, her training at Radcliffe (from which she graduated cum laude), and-underlying all-her uncommon association with Miss Sullivan, who demonstrated an astounding virtuoso for corresponding with her excited and snappy to-take in student. These and numerous different parts of Helen Keller’s life are exhibited here in clear, direct exposition loaded with sublime depictions and symbolism that might do credit to a located journalist.

Totally without self centeredness, yet brimming with adoration and sympathy for others, this profoundly moving diary offers a remarkable representation of one of the exceptional ladies of the twentieth century.

The principal segment of the book is a life account composed by Helen when she was still in school. It is greatly elegantly composed with astonishing visual and aural symbolism for a lady who was hard of hearing and visually impaired. It was exceptionally touching when she portrayed her disclosure of dialect.

The second area of the book holds letters that Helen has composed in her childhood. These demonstrate to her improvement as an author. I discovered these to some degree exhausting after the first few.

Helen Keller (1880-1968) is a loved figure in American famous society. Struck hard of hearing and visually impaired by sickness at the age of 19 months, regardless she figured out how to get an instruction and turn into a scholar and activist. Her story was further promoted by William Gibson’s play “The Miracle Worker,” which was additionally adjusted for both film and TV.

Keller’s personal history, “The Story of My Life,” initially showed up in portions in “Women’s Home Journal” in 1902. This book is sincerely one of the incredible American personal histories: a moving story of a valiant person who overcame colossal chances.

Keller expounds on numerous things: her youth in Alabama; her association with her adored instructor, Anne Sullivan; her participation at the Wright-Humason School for the Deaf in New York City; and gathering such prominent figures as Mark Twain. She particularly focuses on her cherish of literary works, which she depicts as “my Utopia.”

Along the way are some interesting parts and significantly moving entries. Her tribute to the Homer, the unseeing artist of antiquated Greece, is especially compelling. I likewise cherished her translation of the bible based Book of Ruth: a story of “affection which can climb above clashing ideologies and profound situated racial preferences.”

Numerous will see Keller’s self-portrayal as a simple verifiable or sociological record. Yet the book merits a spot as an extraordinary work of written works, and additionally as a work of expositive expression in the incredible American custom. Keller’s wonderful, regularly exotic words about the regular world are similar to the work of Emily Dickinson. Also her blending record of her dramatic attentiveness to dialect helps Frederick Douglass’ record of his first consciousness of the force of education. The book overall is improved by Keller’s enchanting, agreeable artistic style.

“The Story of My Life” is a radiant book by an astounding single person. Helen Keller still has, I accept, much to say to contemporary groups of onlookers.

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