Torment Fallen Pdf

Torment Fallen Pdf

Torment Fallen Pdf

Torment Fallen Pdf

About the book:

Torment Fallen book

Author:                      Lauren Kate

Publisher:                  Delacorte Press; Reprint edition

Publish date:               June 14, 2011

ISBN-10:                      038573915X

ISBN-13:                     9780385739153

Pages:                          464 eBook pages can be different

Language:                   English

Genres:                       Novel


Wow. I did not know as much as I could let myself pierced by a book. Torment is a bit like the fairgrounds, time passes too quickly when we go there and it can be soothed by a lot of wonderful sensations. One leaves the head in the stars, mind full of surprises and ecstasy … Yes, Torment, that’s exactly it.
You remember Fallen? The book that I loved? Its sequel is even better, the author says really, brand style and made us melt in our reading. It’s decided, I’m a fan of the saga of Lauren Kate, and given what lies ahead for the next tomes, I am crazy to stay out of it for a while.
Luce found, this time stronger, more touching, to be separated from Daniel, his angel to be out of danger. Indeed, new enemies – the Condemned – want her to die, because it is based on this that the future of their existence, and that of the angels. She is sent to Shoreline, a school of Nephilim (if, you know, have mid-angels half-human children!), Where she will meet Miles and Shelby, two new characters that I love, very funny and full of good sense, as I love them. In this school, we think that everything works out, everything is beautiful, brilliant, magical, sublime. Turquoise ocean, sparkling blue sky and golden sand, this is what Shoreline. A safe, protected and peaceful … Well, until it thickens.
What would the story without a mysterious and exciting plot? Forget waiting for the first novel the story begins, we start from the first pages in a fascinating world between heaven and hell, in which it will soon choose sides to continue living. Between mortal enemies and false friends, Luce will have to learn to be wary of people she loves, as well as learn more about the shadows around him.
And yes, the novelty here is that also focuses on the shadows Luce can see. She will succeed to use for travel in past lives and discover truths that should have been kept secret. Moreover, Luce will have a great awareness that touched me the choices it will have to be terribly difficult.
So traveling between pages, you feel your heart palpitating with the amazing story that we read and finally we reached the end. A tragic end, a terribly frustrating cliffhanger that makes us the mouth water and leaves us amazes by the book. Torment is also a passion full of intoxication and desire. A truly excellent novel to read, just to feel our souls ignite.

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