Us Army Survival Manual Pdf Download

Us Army Survival Manual Pdf Download

Us Army Survival Manual Pdf Download

Us Army Survival Manual Pdf Download


   About the book:

Us Army Survival Manual

Author:                                Department of Defense Staff

Publish Date:                     October 1970

Publisher:                            Department of the Army; Field Manual No 21-76 edition

ISBN-10:                               956291447X

ISBN-13:                               9789562914475


About the Author:

The United States Department of Defense is the sole US federal department responsible for communication and to take care of all agencies and working of the US parliament directly related to national security & military concerns. This department publishes material based upon its experience and research to facilitate people of the US. The contents of the books are usually so perfect and have maximum research behind them. The knowledge is obtained from hundreds of men and their hundreds of hours they served military in past few decades. Manuals published by military cannot be edited by any other individual; and it means the information inside these publications is complete and reliable.


The book is one of the best sources to learn how to defend you in extreme circumstances, and how to survive in the conditions that are not favorable to you. The book is so easy to understand and written in a way that you will not have any difficulty to understand the book plus pictures available in the book also explains the written material so well.

The book provides information about almost everything that you may need to know in your survival following are the main concepts of the book;

1-      The Will to Survive

2-      Identify poisonous snakes

3-      Edible and non-edible plants

4-      Survival Medicine

5-      Wilderness medicine

6-      Techniques on first aid

7-      Survival in the hottest or coldest of climates

8-       Survival Planning

9-       Make polluted water potable

10-    How to find water

11-    Ways to trap and collection techniques of water

12-    Covers navigation and compass use

13-    Find direction using the sun and stars


Download Us Army Survival Manual Pdf

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