1984 Pdf (Nineteen Eighty Four)

1984 Pdf (Nineteen Eighty Four)

1984 Pdf

1984 Pdf

About the book:

1984 book

Author:                        George Orwell

Publisher:                    Secker and Warburg, London

Publish date:               8 June 1949

ISBN-10:                      0451524934

ISBN-13:                      9780451524935

Pages:                         328 eBook pages can be different

Language:                   English

Genres:                       Dystopian, political fiction, social science fiction



The novel centers on Winston Smith, an ordinary individual who lives in Oceania –an upcoming state where the presiding stringent political party controls everything. Winston is a subordinate member of the party, and works in the Ministry of Truth. He alters historical info to represent the government and the head leader in a better light. Winston concerns about the state, and he keeps a record of his anti-government views. Winston’s rebellious ideas revolves around O’Brien, a member of the presiding party. Winston suspect that he’s a member of the Brotherhood (an opposition party).

At the Ministry of Truth, he meets Julia. She sends him a note telling him that she loves him; they begin a passionate affair. Winston hires a room in one of the public squalor, where he and Julia meet and talk over their anticipations for freedom–outside of the despotic state in which they live.

Winston finally goes to meet O’Brien, who approves that he is an adherent of the Brotherhood. O’Brien gives Winston a copy of the Brotherhood’s policy, written by their front-runner.

A great part of the book is taken up with a narration of the Brotherhood’s manifesto, which comprises of a number of social democratic notions accompanied by one of the most powerful repudiations of fascist thought ever written. Of course, O’Brien is actually a secret agent for the government, and he gave the manifesto to Winston as a test of his allegiance.

The secret police arrive at the bookshop and arrest Winston. They take him to the Ministry of Love to re-instruct him (through torture). Winston refuses to say that he was off beam to defy the government.
1984 is a horror story and a political discourse. The long socialist at the novel’s core is vital to Orwell’s sense. Orwell tips off against the jeopardies of authoritarianism. Orwell’s dystopian state offers a shocking view of the social order where one is unable to say what one thinks, one must mindlessly trust a single party and a single creed, and language has been tainted to such a state that it only serves the ends of administrative system. The mute masses are the background to his work. They plays no part in society except to do the work of the presiding class. They are conquered to the capitalist system.
1984 is passionately written–with an intense integrity. Orwell’s 1984 is truly a modern classic of both literature and the social sciences. Orwell combines a cliffhanger narrative with a core political message to show his wisdom as an intellectual and his masterfulness as a fictional artist.

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