20,000 Leagues Under the Sea

20,000 Leagues Under the Sea

20000 Leagues Under the Sea

20000 Leagues Under the Sea


About the book:

20,000 Leagues Under the Sea Pdf 

Author:                                 Jules Verne

Publish Date:                       March 24, 2011

Publisher:                             Pierre-Jules Hetzel

ISBN:                                   0448424487

ISBN-13:                              9780448424484

Language:                            English

Book Pages:                         260




Twenty thousand leagues under the sea ! Is a splendid adventurous novel based on science fiction. The novel was first written in french by Jules Verne ,published in 1870 and was translated by mercier Lewis in English language. Illustrated by Alphonse De neuville And Edouard riou. It is based on the adventures of captain nemo , a mysterious man with an outlaw submarine , which roams under the sea but not in much depth.

The word “league” in the title of the novel however carries the meaning of the unit of area or length, however it’s not in use anymore. The greatest depth mentioned in this book is Four leagues, according to the book a league is equal to four kilometers. Captain nemo prefers the name “nautilus” for the submarine. The nautilus has been designed by the captain himself and is based on pure science and works with electricity.

The story takes place when some ships encounter a strange creature in the sea , and carry the news to their nations. Some of them suspect the creature to be a monstrous narwhale; the creature is also have said to be the one who damaged an ocean liner of high worth.

Not knowing what it is , the people make rumors about a sea monster roaming the sea. Consequently , the sea monster succeeds in getting the worth of attention. This causes the united states to assemble an expedition in New York to get rid of the sea threat. And this is where the narrator of the story ,professor pierre arronax , a noticeable Experienced marine biologist comes in.

Arronax was in New York at that time and received an expedition invitation letter in the last moment The professor accepts the invitation and sets of to the sea with his trustworthy assistant Consul and a harpoonist with the name Ned land.

After getting to the area , via US naval ships , they find the creature after a long search, and instantly attack the monster. Unfortunately the steer gets damaged and all Protagonists get dragged helplessly in the creatures “hide” ; which they find to be a large metal construction unit. After that they are taken inside the submarine , and get to meet the mysterious captain nemo.

Nemo notifies them that you shall all accompany me , for you know my secret now. The captain carries vengeance for the civilization and has a strong desire of knowing, which takes him to places none have ever gone before.

The rest continues as the three protagonists witness the journey to the depths of the ocean , Atlantic and the wreckage of the battle of the vigo bay with captain nemo, arronax becomes inspired and flattered by all the adventure but land continues to plan and imply measures of escape. And they do escape after awhile but how ? just give your mind a chance to put a step into the undersea adventure and have a run with the fun.

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