A Brief History Of Afghanistan Pdf

A Brief History Of Afghanistan Pdf

A Brief History Of Afghanistan Pdf

A Brief History Of Afghanistan Pdf

About the book:

A Brief History Of Afghanistan book

Author:                        Shaista Wahab, Barry Youngerman

Publisher:                   Checkmark Books; 2 edition

Publish date:               September 2010

ISBN-10:                      0816082197

ISBN-13:                     9780816082193

Pages:                          354 eBook pages can be different

Language:                   English

Genres:                        History Books


Due to its location, Afghanistan has been a hub of various cultures, prompting one historian to dub it the ‘roundabout of the ancient world’. Those who settled included the Persians, under Darius the Great; and the Greeks, led by Alexander the Great. Many present-day towns are built on Greek foundations. A Buddhist civilization flourished from the late first century CE, its kings reigning in Bamiyan until the close of the 10th century. An Arab raid on Kandahar in 699-700 brought Islam, strengthened as the Turks gained power in Iran, Afghanistan and India. The Mongolian Genghis Khan invaded in the 13th C. In next few hundred years Afghanistan was fought over by various Indian and Persian empires. Finally, in the 18th century, a group of Pashtun tribes under Durrani (aka Ahmad Shah Abdali) defeated the Moghuls and the Persians and consolidated its own large but unstable empire. Afghanistan is often watched through the lens of “the war on terror.”
But area experts, though, see Afghanistan as the entrance to the energy-rich Central Asian and Caspian fossil-fuel pledges. Indigenous violence and dwindling supply from traditional sources serves as a midwife among world powers to control sources now thought to surpass the Middle East.Afghanistan is central to their schemes.While the war on terror is the authorized reason hold out for resultant and permanent military bases, in reality, competition between Iran, Russia, China, and the United States for untapped reserves along with pipeline access is the unstated, motive force.Settled on the busy trade routes between Asia and Europe, Afghanistan was for centuries a place where a diverse band of cultures met and exchanged goods and estimates.It was also a country on the itineraries of many invaders.All of these conquerors and peoples left their mark along the state, eventually forming one of the most diverse societies in the globe. Modern times ushered in a violent era, from the overthrow of the monarchy in 1973 to the fall of the Taliban almost 30 years later. The experience of mass destruction, death, deportation, and tyranny touched every Afghan.Whether the legacy of civic strife can be overwhelm by the shared experience of agony is the challenge Afghanistan faces today. Shaista Wahab’s “A Brief History of Afghanistan” is a remarkable survey of what makes Afghanistan tick.A thoroughgoing analysis of religion, the multitude, the nation, and the political dynamism that is the mosaic of Afghanistan. In view of global influence activities in this far-off and grim land, those with a serious interest in the fabric of the country along with its tumultuous history will find this historical work educational as well as compelling. Lavishly illustrated, and invaluable as a research instrument, this book is a must for serious scholars of Afghanistan.

A Brief History Of Afghanistan pdf

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