A Bug Hunter’s Diary Pdf

A Bug Hunter’s Diary Pdf

A Bug Hunter's Diary Pdf

A Bug Hunter’s Diary Pdf

About the book:

A Bug Hunter’s Diary book

Author:                        Tobias Klein

Publisher:                   No Starch Press; 1 edition

Publish date:               November 14, 2011

ISBN-10:                      1593273851

ISBN-13:                     9781593273859

Pages:                          208 eBook pages can be different

Language:                   English

Genres:                        Security


As an InfoSec professional, I often hear about insecure systems and vulnerabilities that are base in software bundles. Bugs in software are rampant and seem to come from all sides. These bugs or mistakes in the enciphering of the programs, require proper identification in order to protect systems against and mitigate the software security vulnerabilities.This month I read A Bug Hunter’s Diary, a book put out by No Starch Press and written by Tobias Klein.It supplied me an often sought after, but rarely found look inside the mind and processes of a security researcher looking for software vulnerabilities.This volume made me feel like I was sitting down with Mr. Klein personally, pouring over code, gleaning the nuggets of wisdom and information that come from his in-depth understanding of software design and debugging. This book is really a diary in that one sits and shares in the experiences of Mr. Klein’s entries for each chapter. Throughout the entirety, we are taken, though he thought various methodologies and procedures while being presented to countless tools of the craft. Precisely when you guessed that the book was concluded and that there was naught left to discuss, Mr.Klein gives us three appendices that offer a plethora of valuable data.Appendix A is a handy, in-depth reference to vulnerably classes, exploitation techniques and some common matters that contribute to certain germs.All of these appendices help to neatly tie up whatever loose ends that the lecturer may have after exhausting the resources set up throughout the volume. In understanding this script, one gains ideas and insight to help to explain alternate thought processes of software vulnerabilities to others.In summation, the material contained in the record would be a dependable beginning for a series of departmental workshops within any security minded organization or their clients. While an understanding of structured programming languages, Unix, and a sense of adventure and wonder are a must to make the most out of this book, the amount of knowledge that is incorporated therein is truly astounding and definitely worth the read. In nutshell, Tobias made my maiden journey into the creation of bug hunting an exciting one.I would highly advocate this to anyone who wants to better their programming skills, get into computer security research or just plain understand how software works this book will start you jump started and stirred!

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