A Christmas Carol pdf by Charles Dickens

A Christmas Carol

A Christmas Carol pdf by Charles Dickens

A Christmas Carol pdf by Charles Dickens

About the book:

A Christmas Carol

Author:                       Charles Dickens

Publisher:                    Dover Publications, Incorporated

Publish date:               October 1843

ISBN:                              0486268659

ISBN-13:                      9780486268651

Pages:                          1296

Language:                   English

Genres:                        Fiction and Literature, Gothic, Audiobook, Ghost Stories


A Christmas carol is an exquisite ghost story of the eighty’s , which gained fame instantly. The story became acutely adored by children and still is. It was written by a British author Charles dickens ; contains fragments of his childhood. First published by Chapman and hall on December 17 , 1843. It stares on the story of a wretched miser Ebenezer scrooge an old man not very fond of Christmas and his transformation in consequence of the visits of the ghost of present , past , and future.

Charles novella is a spectacle , a marvel. He has given the story a unique touch by dividing it in to ” staves” ; a collateral touch to the book’s title. Scrooge, an old man, numb hearted, with no love for Christmas. Ruthless to the poor and his underpaid employee, offers no charity to anyone. A bitter sinner and not ashamed of it nor proud ; a man worthy of absolute loathness.

He carries hatred for Christmas and calls it “humbug”. Old miser scrooge is visited by a ghost on a Christmas eve , when he intends to waste Christmas sitting alone is his house. Interesting ? , well there more where that came from. A worthy read, I bet you will love it.

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