A Discovery of Witches Pdf

A Discovery of Witches Pdf

A Discovery of Witches Pdf

About the book:

A Discovery of Witches book

Author:                        Deborah Harkness

Publisher:                   Penguin Books; Reprint edition

Publish date:               December 27, 2011

ISBN-10:                      0143119680

ISBN-13:                     9780143119685

Pages:                          592 eBook pages can be different

Language:                   English

Genres:                        History


Diana Bishop’s famous ancestor was executed for being a hag.As a heart-rending consequence of Diana’s parents’ mysterious deaths, Diana has vowed she will live totally as a human, denying her identity as a witch with both usual and strange abilities.Dedicating her life to the logic and ordinary living, she is at once a history scholar doing research on alchemy texts in the Bodleian library at Oxford.Upon having a requested text called Ash mole 782, she realizes either the book is spellbound or there is something close to this book that unites with her hidden witch powers.Add to that the reactions of suddenly appearing witches, vampires, and daemons whose animosity and threatening looks and words make Diana’s wish for normalcy an illusion she can no longer dismiss. Into the thick of this reality arrives a handsome, exceedingly sound and old vampire, Matthew Clairmont, who is supposedly pursuing his own research as a geneticist.Initially disliking and avoiding his presence, Diana finally begins to understand he is protecting her from direct attack by the hordes of persons appearing daily in the library who are insisting she recall the textbook they are desperate to get.And so he starts to appear during her running and rowing exercises which appear to be the only path she can block off her natural powers from emerging with perilous effects on herself as good as others. Why is Matthew so attracted to Diana and what is behind the interest so many suffer in this mysterious text lost for centuries, which has appeared and again disappeared after Diana’s innocent unbinding of its pages?Lastly, when several close calls with death frightens Diana into realizing her lack of dominance, she accepts shelter first with Matthew’s vampire family in France and then with her own witch family in America. A Discovery of Witches is so a great deal more than simply a supernatural tale!Yes, there are adventurous thrills for those who enjoy the proverbial accounts of such animals.But here is an intelligent consideration of the essence of origins, conflicts, genetic mating and consequences, shared powers defying definition and classification, versions of history holding secret and amazing phenomena, relationships of enmity forced to unite under common needs – both good and evil, the quintessential realities behind the search for the Philosopher’s stone or alchemy, and thus a great deal more. Add to that a sweet, dangerous romance all the more real because of what appears to be its domed end, and herein is the perfect combination, preciously difficult to adequately cover in any brief review.This narration is a smart, tense, provocative, and enchanting read you will not want to end and will be relishing long after the final page is turned.This critic is so looking forward to the sequel to this amazing novel which will be a best vender!!!Utterly delicious and impossible to put down!

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