A Feast For Crows Pdf

A Feast For Crows Pdf

A Feast For Crows Pdf

A Feast For Crows Pdf

About the book:

A Feast For Crows book

Author:                      George R.R. Martin

Series:                         A Song of Ice and Fire

Publisher:                   Bantam

Publish date:               September 26, 2006

ISBN-10:                      055358202X

ISBN-13:                     9780553582024

Pages:                          1104 eBook pages can be different

Language:                   English

Genres:                        Fantasy Books


After reading the first 3 volumes of ASOIAF and reading reviews on DISP let’s say I did not begin on the right foot. and actually this volume 4 is frustrating. The introduction of new characters could have given a second wind, but we do not understand their usefulness: Areo Hotah and Arys (1 chapter each!!) and damage to Arianne (2 chapters …) or final speech with Doran Martell presage something interesting side Dorne.
On recurring people:
– Sam really useless with a story that revolves around the bush
– The journey of Brienne with Pod: descriptions to no end … but what final chapter!!! GRRM saves the day on this one’s (especially with the presence of my favorite characters, awesome)
– Sansa and Arya: grim and uninteresting on the whole

However, frustration sets on the first part of the book that is to say, a good 400 pages except my real heart stroke with the plot to the Iron Islands between Victarion, Aeron, Euron “Crow’s eye” and Asha . Moreover we wonder why GRRM no more developed characters. The 2nd part of the volume is more pleasant, masterful chaining between Jaime and Cersei that becomes increasingly crazy, but the overall feeling remains that the book advocates the quantity rather than quality.

The passion I have for the saga made me read the first three volumes in original quietly 6-7 months, a Feast for Crows will have been in 1 year. The latter is negatively incomparable to its predecessors and does not merit a rating of 5 stars except for those who are in the note the reading.

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