A Knight in Shining Armor Pdf

A Knight in Shining Armor Pdf

A Knight in Shining Armor Pdf

A Knight in Shining Armor Pdf

About the book:

A Knight in Shining Armor book

Author:                        Jude Deveraux

Publisher:                    Gallery Books

Publish date:               March 27, 2012

ISBN-10:                      9781451665635

ISBN-13:                      9781451665635

Pages:                          416 eBook pages can be different

Language:                   English

Genres:                        Historical Romance


In approximately 600 pages, the author presents the love story between a young woman of our times and a knight of the Elizabethan era. The heroine lives in the US and looking for a husband. I put Mari with an “M” capitalized because more than love, it seeks status for embodying what constitutes a successful life (a Husband, a few children). For this she is ready to sacrifice a lot, including living with a man who considers more like his good and his portfolios than anything else, hoping that eventually propose to her. When offered a trip to England, she says it will finally enjoy the situation to make the request. But it goes disappointment to disappointment and finally finds himself abandoned in the English countryside, his ex-future husband who abandoned without even leaving his papers and money. She cries in front of a statue and finally … a knight in shining armor appeared. This is the beginning of a thrilling story between the contemporary period rediscovery with new eyes of Nicholas, the knight from the past, and the Elizabethan era, where the heroine is going to play for us observers mores of the time .

The story is incredible but the details of practical life are very practical (how to dress, how to eat in different periods, etc.), which makes it ends up taking the game.
The main characters are not particularly endearing but allow to exist in history. I could not identify with the heroine too whiny and conservative for my taste, but only a personality like hers allowed the story to exist (many other women would have simply sent the knight in a police station or to the hospital). The hero has him at first little personality, it’s just the physical manifestation of a romance novel hero who magically appear in reality.
The secondary characters are very successful, the “bad guys” in particular. The ex-husband-combines a mixture of pettiness and selfishness that each had with some intolerable behavior allowing the reader to think that decidedly heroin has nothing to do with this man. The daughter of former future husband seems to be only a caricature of selfish and temperamental teenager, but do not forget that after all the father is with damsel with less than 10 years away with it This may also explain certain behaviors of rejection from her.

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