A Matter Of Magic Pdf

A Matter Of Magic Pdf

A Matter Of Magic Pdf

A Matter Of Magic Pdf

About the book:

A Matter Of Magic book

Author:                      Patricia Wrede

Publisher:                  Orb Books; Second Edition edition

Publish date:               June 8, 2010

ISBN-10:                      0765326329

ISBN-13:                     9780765326324

Pages:                         448 eBook pages can be different

Language:                   English

Genres:                        Magic Books


This book reminds me strongly of a Nick and Nora mystery, where hints and hints are followed, culminating in a gathering of suspects and riddle solving. Even the interaction between Kim and Mairelon has similarities. The lone thing I could have asked for is more: more detail and enhancement. A simple job, that’s all it was supposed to be. Look around some cove’s wagon, and report back; an easy job for a street urchin and a thief like Kim. Only no one told her his magic was real.Caught by Mairelon, the performer, Kim quickly realizes that not only is he a true ace, but a Tuff as well, and on the run from, well, pretty much everybody. But he offers her a chance to come out of London, and Kim takes it, little knowing what adventures lie in front.Wrede does a fantastic task of merging the Regency romance/comedy with a universe of magic; her tweaks to the period (The Royal Society of Wizards has buildings in the fondness of London that forced Parliament to expand elsewhere) are unobtrusive and believable, and the whole affair is a hilarious play that puts it securely on my favorite books list.When I first read this book, it progressed to me enjoy learning “thieves can’t,” and the addition of magic creates a plausible excuse to get around some of the rigid regulations of social club, creating an opportunity to have especially strong female protagonists.If you extracted the best ingredients from the awful pseudo-musical style known as regency romance, ladled on some Tamora Pierce, and sprinkled the scarlet pimpernel on top these two novellas are the likely solution.The game was fun, original, and surely safer than average. It skims over true development of the characters, who are likable and unique, but could use deeper exploration. The prose was too windy, too convoluted, and a little too self-absorbed for my preference.The news report is fantastic and the characters shine, but it’s over too fast.Of course, this is a YA novel, but I found the mystery more complex than I would have anticipated, even in the second reading as an adult. A complex plot earns boost in the details.A delicious book that’s as good as coffee.

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