Apple White’s Story Pdf

Apple White’s Story Pdf

Apple White's Story Pdf

Apple White’s Story Pdf

About the Book:

Apple White’s Story Book

Author:                        Shannon Hale

Publisher:                    Little, Brown Books for Young Readers

Publish date:               July 30, 2013

ISBN:                      9780349001944

ASIN:                            B00DB7R7TQ

Pages:                          9 (eBook can have different pages)

Language:                   English

Genres:                        Fantasy


This is a glance at the character Apple White, daughter of Queen Snow White and King Charming, in the Ever After High Series of Books.In this novella, Apple White seems to be starting along the journey to state herself as the next Snow White.

If the stories to follow hold to this one, I perceive a bit of struggle and personal growth in store for each of the fairy-tale children involved, which in sequence should offer up lessons to the young people who read this series.This story was certainly a disappointment to me since the key character Apple is so stuck with herself and with no personality as she is the fairest of all and even way better looking than her mom i.e. Snow White.

She appears to be so self-focused on herself while her main issue is what shoes she should pack with her or her blond hair messing up her fairytale. And why is she supposed to be one of the main characters? Does she really think that you can be worthy queen material just since you throw candies and coins to your subjects?

Apple is probably my least favorite of all the characters in the Ever After High series so far. This novella was just the 1st chapter of the Ever After High novel so it does nothing to redeem Apple’s character. Apple’s character appears to be written more with marketing in mind than an actual story which I found frustrating. Hale has plenty to say about anything that could possibly be a toy accessory such as her outfits, car, house, and “I Mirror.” Though, more needs to be said to make Apple genial and give her character development so young girls will buy the doll and accessories. Just remember when you read that you’re being sold commodities more than a story or you’ll be frustrated with the story itself.

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