Artemis Fowl Pdf

Artemis Fowl Pdf

Artemis Fowl Pdf

Artemis Fowl Pdf

About the Book:

Artemis Fowl Book

Author:                             Eoin Colfer

Series:                                Artemis Fowl (Book 1)

Publisher:                        Disney-Hyperion; Reissue edition

Publish date:                 June 23, 2009

ISBN-10:                          1423124529

ISBN-13:                           9781423124528

Pages:                               304 eBook pages can be different

Language:                       English

Genres:                            Young adult, fantasy


Artemis Fowl is a 12-year-old boy who just happens to be equally a prodigy and a criminal mastermind. In a frantic attempt to bring back his family’s fortune, Artemis turns up with a plot to steal gold from the fairies. Along with his loyal butler partner “Butler”, he travels to Vietnam on a pursuit to find a volume of fairy directives. Once this is achieved and the book decoded, the next reasonable step would be to abduct a fairy and wait for the ransom money to arrive. However, when Artemis abducts Captain Holly Short of the Leprecon, it seems he’s made a blunder. Because these aren’t the sweet little imps of bedtime stories. These fairies are equipped, dangerous and daring. And they will stop at nothing to get Holly back.
The book has frequently been claimed to be the “next Harry Potter”, but while it shares the similar extremely artistic plot and colorful portrayals, this is far darker and more entertaining than JK Rowling’s books. The leading characters are all exclusive and adorable, particularly Holly, Foaly and Root. Even the desperado, Artemis Fowl himself is extraordinarily attractive, regardless of his more dubious characteristics. As the book goes on, you begin to see that he does indeed own an integrity, he is just cautious never to let it get in the way of his evil schemes.
Artemis Fowl is full of humor and action. The author has created an ingenious, fast-paced adventure, which combines magic and technology. The style of story is fairly casual, making it easier and more entertaining to read. Although the 1st chapter is quite slow, the action shortly speeds up and never stops. The story was gripping, thrilling and I read it straight through in 2 hours without stopping. Where the “Goblet of Fire” was quite terrifying, Artemis Fowl is full of humor and the typical fairy magic is swapped with action and fun.
I think that this book would be less tempting to younger kids in the way that Harry Potter managed to be, but older kids, teenagers and adults equally should enjoy the blend of fantasy, humor and adventure. Overall: GREAT, and I will definitely be reading it again. This is no replica of Harry Potter; Artemis Fowl is a completely unique work but is still worthy of all the publicity. I am sure I will be buying any future books in the series.

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