Beginning Security Pdf

Beginning Security Pdf

Beginning Security Pdf

Beginning Security Pdf

About the book:

Beginning Security book

Author:                        Barry Dorrans

Publisher:                    Wrox; 1 edition

Publish date:               March 1, 2010

ISBN-10:                      0470743654

ISBN-13:                      9780470743652

Pages:                          436 eBook pages can be different

Language:                   English

Genres:                       Computer Science > Programming


Beginning security starts out by introducing the reader to security principals such as defense in detail, never trusting user input etc. The author then makes sure that the reader comprehends how the web and work by providing a general idea of HTTP & processing of events, form submissions and View state- all necessary concepts to understand the security concerns surrounding applications.
Before I began reading Barry’s book although no security professional I considered that I had a fairly good understanding of security and was glad to see for the main stream the book confirmed my understanding! It always astonishes me how many web developers have so slight understanding of basic security concepts and best practice. There is no excuse now and if you have never looked into security this book should be required reading! Though don’t consider that this book has nothing to offer the intermediate/advanced developer as it had many trinkets for me (exact execution of salting passwords, certificates, View State, User Key, WCF security).
The book is divided into sixteen easy to read chapters. Chapters include small snippets of code and illustrate different security matters ensuring the reader grasps the problem being discussed. Thorough guidance is then given and solutions provided to fix the different issues.
Issues are appended with real world instances and the writer’s own experience (I laughed at the index server example) and help provide some color to what can be a tricky topic to keep interesting.
The book covers all key web based security problems such as XSS, XSRF, Sql Injection and also related topics such as securing IIS and concerns surrounding the file system. Significant concepts such as encryption, hashing and certificates are also covered in detail. The final chapters cover cutting-edge topics such as CAS, Securing IIS and 3rd party verification solutions.
So what could be better? Very little the book is rich, easy to read and covers brief examples. I would have possibly liked to see an instance of implementing a custom membership provider and a tad more on client side scripting/Ajax related problems but the book does a phenomenal job covering the key areas and directing the reader towards further resources.
I liked that the book offers guidelines for dealing with tough complications such as implementing certificate based verification and implementing Open ID. Several valuable tools I wasn’t aware of are also referenced. This book is a phenomenal introduction to security and associated concepts and will help as a valuable reference book to more proficient developers.

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