Beginning Django E-Commerce Pdf Download

Beginning Django E-Commerce Pdf Download

Beginning Django E-Commerce Pdf Download

Beginning Django E-Commerce Pdf Download

   About the book:

   Beginning Django E-Commerce

Author:                        Jim McGaw

Publish Date:               October 2009

Publisher:                    Apress

ISBN-10:                      1430225351

ISBN-13:                      9781430225355

Language:                   English



About the Author:

Jim McGaw is a web developer and has experience of several years building enterprises level web software, especially online list and online shopping cart sites. The author has believe when you are doing something do it perfectly right, and if you have many ways to do a thing then one, you should work very hard to make sure that you do it right way. He emphasis on using technology to work online and how to exploit online opportunities, and he is a big fan of things available online to do many different things.


Beginning Django E-Commerce is a complete guide to start building an e-commerce site using the software Django, which is the most used software by python for web development framework.

Beginning Django E-Commerce covers these topics thoroughly;

How to make a shopping cart

A payment processor

A checkout

How to take full advantage of Ajax

Best practices for search engine optimization

The whole book first guides you how to build a specific section of site then gives you examples to test them yourself so you could learn the actual idea behind the architecting. The whole book is about to build a good e-commerce site than learn how to optimize the site in a way that you can survive in the highly competitive market. You will how to use Django’s best practices to build a site that will eventually start producing things for you.

The books recommends you to use leverage Django templates to maintain consistency for look in site for the users.

Use best security practices and tools of Django to maintain high level security for your site and hackers won’t control your site that is necessary for an e-commerce site.

You can learn how to deploy and develop Google App code using Python code.

You will also learn how to construct enterprises level shopping cart enabling you to receive payments from Paypal and

This book is for programmers looking to study how to rapidly and adequately influence the Django web scheme to manufacture lightweight, effective sites. While the book is pointed at designers intrigued by making e-trade destinations, the subjects secured apply to whatever available site you may raise with Django. You’ll study how to enhance your site for web crawlers, secure your pages to foil programmers, and send your webpage into production–all with Django.

The book is especially drafted for the programmers looking to learn how to make websites using Django that are lightweight and powerful, and book is for developers who are interested in creating specifically e-commerce sites.

The Book guides you to build a total functional and ready to use e-commerce module in little effort.

Download Beginning Django E-Commerce Pdf

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