Beyond All Expectations Pdf

Beyond All Expectations Pdf

Beyond All Expectations Pdf

Beyond All Expectations Pdf

About the book:

Beyond All Expectations Book

Author: Michael Chatfield

Publisher: Mc Publications Inc., 2017

Publish date: August 6, 2017


Pages: 376 eBook pages can be different

Language: English

Genres: Fantasy Fiction


The Event of Myths and Legends has started! The first spawn points have started to open, issuing forth creatures and people that were banished from Emerilia long ago.

Dave and the Pandora’s Box group are advancing their plans and building projects as fast as possible. When an opportunity arises to take their projects to the next level they’re going to have to use all of their tricks and crafting abilities in order to seize it.

The Stone Raiders and the Terra Alliance that they have formed will undergo it’s first baptism, the time of peace has ended.

In this event they need to be the strongest to protect what they care for. Either they will die again and again losing levels and people of Emerilia, or they will be able to stand, their strength growing to new heights.

Beyond All Expectations Pdf

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