Blood Magic Pdf

Blood Magic Pdf

Blood Magic Pdf

Blood Magic Pdf

About the book:

Blood Magic Book

Author: T. G. Ayer

Series: DarkWorld: SoulTracker (Book 1)

Publisher: Infinite Ink Books

Publish date: (July 26, 2018)

ISBN-10: 0473429241

ISBN-13: 978-0473429249

Pages: 202 eBook pages can be different

Language: English

Genres: Fantasy Fiction


In the DarkWorld the things that go bump in the night are most likely true. And the problem is they are probably not sticking to bumping around in the night. They are everywhere. Your work colleagues, your teachers, even your friends. They’ve been living that way for a long time. And you haven’t noticed becsuse they don’t want you to.You’re much better off not asking any questions.Mel Morgan is a Master Teleporter. She can move through the Veil into the otherworldly planes. A handy skill when looking for missing people. It’s a lonely job, but with her gargoyle partner she’s never minded lonely.Until a certain super-hot Djinn walks into her life. He needs her help to find someone he loves. And Mel can never say no to someone in need. But the road to helping Saleem is fraught with secrets better left uncovered.Can Mel and Saleem dodge demons and sorcerers long enough to save the ones they love?

Blood Magic Pdf

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