Broken Harbor Tana French Pdf

Broken Harbor Tana French Pdf

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Broken Harbor Tana French book

Author:                        Tana French

Publisher:                    Penguin Books; Reprint edition

Publish date:               July 24, 2012

AISN:                      B0072O00YI

Pages:                          456 eBook pages can be different

Language:                   English

Genres:                        Novel


Broken Harbor is not maybe my favorite novel of hers, but definitely not weaker than any of her former works. All her books are psychological thrillers, not fast-paced, not action-packed, but slow-moving and interrogation-heavy, and Broken Harbor sticks to the same format. At beginning, I meant to pronounce it was possibly the “most psychological” out of her psychological thrillers, and the most crazy-driven.Still, if I look back, all her novels without fail, explore the depths of the human intellect, power of memories and their effect on investigative work, and involve mentally unstable characters.Like detectives in all previous books in Dublin Murder Squad series, the chief investigator Mick (Scorcher) Kennedy is full of mental baggage of his own. I receive but the vaguest memory of him from Faithful Place, thus he is almost a totally new personality to take to know within the framework of this series.Behind Scorcher’s unwavering, never-failing, upright cop facade, at that place is a bunch of stress and a plenty of self-control that come only to people who have battled through serious life challenges and learned to manage by keeping themselves tightly guarded and emotionally withdrawn. Even though Scorcher has dealt with most of his childhood traumas, he is not free of them. His half-crazy, volatile sister is a perpetual reminder of past dealings with mental illness and a disturber of his repose.When Scorcher dives into the investigation of the violation on the Spain family, French, as you would expect, pushes him into facing the darkest recesses of his remembering.Gradually learning about the economic system and the psychological demise of the Spain’s, Kennedy finds it difficult to see the parallels between the Spain’s’ and his own family’s stories.Will he be able to maintain his cool and remain objective, not let his personal beliefs influence the investigation?You’ll just have to read and find out.The liquidator in this shell is pretty obvious and fairly early in the book, I would say.The pool of suspects is just too low.Only the joy of unpacking this novel is not precisely in knowing who, but why and how.This is where the easy pace and lengthy interrogations work the best – you have an opportunity to go into all the suspects’ minds, and what’s inside is not pretty – psyches ravaged by strains of financial hardship, instability, uncertainty and, surprise.But know this – Broken Harbor is a story a picture-perfect family that crumbles under the weight of money troubles and a desire to save public face at all cost.And this story is horrible and sad.

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