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Bruja Pdf

Bruja Pdf

Bruja Pdf

About the book:

Bruja book

Author: Aileen Erin

Publisher: Ink Monster, LLC

Publish date: (May 12, 2015)


Pages: 313 eBook pages can be different

Language: English

Genres: Teen & Young Adult, Romance, Paranormal & Fantasy, Science Fiction


Visions, telepathy, spells, werewolves, vampires with fights and a love story … I feasted!

A perfect novel on this Halloween day since the author uses many supernatural elements to populate are narrative. And even if there were werewolves and vampires, it has nothing to do with Twilight. Maybe a bit with the atmosphere of Alyxandra Harvey in his academy in “The Drake Chronicles.”

The plot is well done. She conquered me from the start and pushed to turn the pages because I wanted to know how Tessa go to be bitten and become a wolf. This is perhaps the most frustrating part because the bite comes at the worst of times … There, where the reader begins to melt for the hero!

I liked the main and secondary characters. They are funny, touching in their excessive reactions. Imogen is an exceptional plague. The males always in competitions to mark their territories and Tessa is a young woman as I love them. A heroine with a strong head who does not allow herself to step on her feet and dares to defend her ideas, her convictions and confess her weaknesses.

As for the intrigue, it is original in the way the author presents it, enhances it by varying the romantic aspect, the scenes of fighting and the twists and turns.

Frankly, it had been a long time since I had had so much fun. The characters are worth it, the plot makes you want to turn the pages. It is lively, rhythmic, varied. I had a great time!

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