Building WordPress Themes from Scratch Pdf

Building WordPress Themes from Scratch Pdf

Building WordPress Themes from Scratch Pdf

Building WordPress Themes from Scratch Pdf

About the book:

Building WordPress Themes from Scratch book

Author:                        Joe Casabona

Publisher:                    CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

Publish date:               May 18, 2012

ISBN-10:                      1477480994

ISBN-13:                      9781477480991

Pages:                          144 eBook pages can be different

Language:                   English

Genres:                        Web Programming, WordPress


First, I’ll say that I’m very proficient in PHP, over 4 years of advanced level PHP development of all kinds. I’ve been developing CMS sites for patrons in PHP for years. When I was on the go, WordPress wasn’t as adept as it is at present, and so I was required to either implement a very intricate CMS for a patron who only required simple features, or build my own simple CMS. However, custom post types altered that, and Joe does a wonderful job of familiarizing and guiding developers on how to implement custom post types for WordPress. Joe also talks over Plugin development, and the supreme short code. I’d have otherwise spent 2-3 weeks in the manuscript to get the worth I got in 1 weekend from this book.

I would say the 1st half of this book is phenomenal for any front end designer (HTML/CSS). The PHP for WordPress essentials are more of a templating method than doing any actual coding. Joe tells how simple it is for any developer or designer to handle and turn their own HTML designs into WordPress themes. Though I would forewarn readers, if you’re not proficient in PHP, don’t expect more, as the custom post type executions (or anything in the 2nd half of the book) do necessitate you to grip some fundamental/transitional programming concepts. Great book on the subject. Take note that to grasp it you ought to read books on how WordPress works along with a good hold on HTML and CSS, and a little tad of PHP.

Anyhow, it is an amazing read since it elucidates cutting-edge topics such as advanced theme functions, making widgets, plugins and so on, which is not covered in the ” How to be a Rockstar WordPress designer “If you’re firm about doing it manually, you will need to be familiar with PHP. With that being said I don’t know PHP, but it was written adequately that I understood how themes are built, and the “concept” of building one. It was still valuable enough to me that when I take on someone to build a custom theme for me I knew how to communicate what I required, and how I wanted it. That alone was worth the time for this book. This is not a rookie’s book! But if you are looking to mug up how to write a theme from scratch, this book delivers that. Highly Recommened.

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