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Christine Pdf

Christine Pdf

Christine Pdf

About the Book:

Christine Book

Author:                        Stephen King

Publisher:                    Signet; Reissue edition

Publish date:               November 7, 1983

ISBN-10:                      0451160444

ISBN-13:                      9780451160447

Pages:                          416 (eBook can have different pages)

Language:                   English

Genres:                        horror


It is a pity that no one writes like this horror any longer. Even old King himself. Christine is a perfect round-the-camp-fire story with scary moments, amazingly real characters and a sad, very sad feeling coating over you.
Christine is a story of 3 teenagers and a love triangle, including an incredibly real and evil car. These 4 are twisted in a complex love affair: On the one point, Christine is trying to succeed and spread her evil, on the other point, the youngsters are trying to beat her and keep their stability. Arnie seems to be the victim and the weakest link with his disgusting outlook, dysfunctioning family and a ravenous craving for love, respect and appreciation, which he lacks and which Christine offers him but at a very remorseful price.

Then there is Dennis, Arnie’s best pal with all the good things Arnie desires for. Both see Christine at the same time but Christine is an adept in knowing who is the frailest link, and easily picks up her victim.
She starts to develop Arnie into becoming something which her evil intentions will be fulfilled. Then unexpectedly, Leigh, a wonderful girl, steps into Arnie’s life and becomes a light of reason for Arnie and, not shockingly, the lifetime rival of Christine. Now Christine should get rid of her along with Dennis and a few other fellows who erroneously treat her bad.
Then Dennis and Leigh fall in love…Arnie mugs this up… and all the story becomes scrambled in a way impossible to straighten out.
All this seems pointless, doesn’t it? But in King’s hands it brilliantly works. It is, indeed, a very fast-paced story and it flows efficiently that the pages flip almost on themselves. The writing is very intense and lively, as if Stephen was himself the bad Christine. In consort with the story, you are snarled with those 4 characters. You are floated along with them feebly into an ever-growing apex full of uncertainty, horror, breathless reading and pressure.
Christine is a very good story full of horror but also a very good loser tale, which only King could succeed and which would be a total failure in any other hand. That must be the cause why people come back to Stephen’s books again and again in herds after so many ages, although he does not write anything like this (or Pet Sematary or It). He always talks about the underdog inside us. Maybe he knows better than all the people in the world that it is surely a very tough thing to worn out real Christines and he is trying to tell this all along those years.
Read it…There is so much in Christine.

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