City of Bones pdf (Mortal Instruments)

City of Bones pdf

City of Bones pdf

City of Bones pdf

About the book:

City of Bones book

Author:                        Cassandra Clare

Publisher:                    Margaret K. McElderry Books

Publish date:               February 19, 2008

ISBN:                      9781416955078

Pages:                          485 eBook pages can be different

Language:                   English

Genres:                        Young adult, fiction



City of Bones is the first installment of The Mortal Instruments, a young adult urban fantasy series, as well as Clare’s first full length novel. Set in New York City, the story begins with 15 year old Clary witnessing the murder of a blue-haired young boy in a nightclub. The only concern is no one else can see what she has seen.
Events in Clary’s life just get stranger when her mother disappears without caution and monsters start to infest her home. Abruptly Clary is seeing weird and unusual things everywhere as whizzes, vampires, werewolves, faeries and sorcerers start to be seeming all over New York City.
Luckily Clary’s path seems intended to cross with that of Jace, the handsome teenage boy that Clary first saw in the nightclub (murdering the blue-haired boy) and he introduces her to the unseen world of the Shadow hunters. A world where werewolves ramble the streets of Chinatown, faeries live in Central Park, and vampires ride demonically powered motorbikes…
The Shadow hunters are Nephilim. Conventionally Nephilim are the offspring of angels who have raised with mortal humans but in City of Bones the Nephilim were created when the Angel Raziel mixed his blood with human blood in the Mortal Cup. The Shadow hunters exist to fight demons and are taught from birth for this sole purpose, the Mortal Cup can be used to create more Nephilim – making it a perilous weapon in the wrong hands.
The vampires in City of Bones have most of the traditional vampire flaws and fortes (including being able to turn into bats) but they are the outcomes of a demonic viral infection rather than the more traditional evil undead. The Shadow hunters invoke to them, and all other races not of pure human origin, as Downworlders – but they do not hunt vampires lest they turn scoundrel and start to kill humans. The vampires only have a small share in this story but they make their presence felt with both humor and peril.
City of Bones is a young adult novel so much of the story revolves around the relations and group dynamics of Clary, her mortal best friend Simon, and the 3 Shadow hunter teenagers that assist Clary when her mother goes missing. Most of the action in the story is associated to an uprising lead by a Shadow hunter called Valentine, who has roughly the same political views as Hitler – just with Downworlders taking the place of the nomads and Jews.
That said, once you get into the story, City of Bones still makes pleasurable reading and is a fairly inspired addition to the young adult urban fantasy genre. The length of the novel, combined with the pacing and material, will possibly be a deterrent to younger readers but I can’t see the average 15 year old fantasy fan having too many problems. Definitely I enjoyed reading City of Bones, albeit I am much older than its target audience!

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