Crocodile Tears Pdf (Alex Rider Adventure)

Crocodile Tears Pdf

Crocodile Tears Pdf

Crocodile Tears Pdf

About the Book:

Crocodile Tears Book

Author:                        Anthony Horowitz

Publisher:                    Puffin; Reprint edition

Publish date:               November 16, 2010

ISBN-10:                      014241719X

ISBN-13:                      9780142417195

Pages:                          400 eBook pages can be different

Language:                   English

Genres:                        Adventure, Spy novel, thriller novel


“Crocodile Tears” is the hottest and most exciting entry into the world of 14-year-old spy Alex Rider. That’s not a literal–Alex is truly a secret agent and, in reality, was trained from early childhood to take on the role (although he didn’t know at that time). He continues to work (for free) for British’s M16. I must put another way: He is duped into missions for M16. His parents passed away when he was very young; his Uncle Ian accepted responsibility. Both father and uncle were agents. Ian taught Alex how to do so many practical things (that would later save his life many times), speak a number of languages, handle overseas travel. Instead, one could say that being a spy was a genuine talent for Alex, much as photography or music is to others. Being supple is one in-built “talent.” An instance: To escape a specific mountain location Alex had to wing it. The only way out was helicopter with none available. He used an ironing board to “sledge” down the mountain. Another time he skateboarded down a dock and over and onto a leaving boat, hardly making the landing, but, obviously, always making it.

In every book there is at least one desperado, usually 2 working together to commit bedlam, scam, evil, and ferocity on many acquitted, gullible people. In “Crocodile Tears” Desmond McCain is the extraordinary villain–patron and evil to the bone marrow! He is the planner and disperser of millions of dollars that come into his relief organization which goes from hot spot to hot spot to help people in terrible situations. The 1st is a nuclear reactor explosion in India. First on the scene. How great Mr. McCain is! How sympathetic! Though, the tears he sheds are crocodile tears.

Other critics called this book the vilest of the series. On what measure? By what standard? I do agree that the series is taking on a standard format, although this book, for the 1st time, shows human heart in Mr. Blunt, Alex’s trainer. In previous books he displays complete triviality to any fortune that might happen to Alex, or that is how it seems.

One word that can summarize this book is intense. Everything is just felt more. The compassion, terrors, action, betrayal, gestures, words all of it. This has to be the reason why it is so addictive. Overall, it is an engaging read full of action and suspense.

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