Cross Pdf Alex Cross

Cross Pdf Alex Cross

Cross Pdf Alex Cross

Cross Pdf Alex Cross

About the book:

Cross Pdf Alex Book

Author: James Patterson

Series: no edition stated-later printing

Publisher: Little, Brown and Company; 1 edition

Publish date: (November 13, 2006)

ISBN-10: 0316159794

ISBN-13: 978-0316159791

Pages: 400 eBook pages can be different

Language: English

Genres: Thrillers & Suspense , Crime, Mysteries, Police Procedurals, Action & Adventure


A little traveling book somehow, read by Anne, Marie, Pat and fallen in my PAL, gray gray on the cover, go hop hop, pile hair, challenge 1 month / 1 illustration

Plus it’s great, I wanted to discover James Patterson and his detective Alex Cross, pity that I start with the volume 12.

This does not affect the reading.

So we discover Alex Cross main character, super detective at the time of the death of his murdered wife for reasons that he can not understand, and an investigation that he could not solve, then 13 years later he finds himself as a psychologist, his new job, solicited in a new investigation that will happen to be, more or less in connection with the death of Maria.

In this style of a policeman, we are not there to discover the murderer and unraveling the threads of the plot, this one author gives it to us from the start (it’s Michael Sullivan says the hired killer of the mafia ), just as the reasons for this premeditated murder.

So what’s the point in this adventure?

Well, it’s a matter of following the path of each protagonist, Alex Cross, and Michael Sullivan. A psychopath facing a profiler. So we follow this plot through the eyes of Alex who tells us in the first person, and that of the butcher told by the author. These passages from one to the other do not interfere with the reading, all being fluid, the short chapters. We discover all his personality of the killer, his past with this explaining that (if we can say) The psychological sides give life to the characters, it is sometimes violent, a little repetitive can be.

but all is well paced, easy reading, with all the good ingredients necessary to make a good thriller are there and the author says he is the best in the genre. However, I would not say that it is transcendent, although James Patterson managed to attach me to the character of Alex and his small family and his sidekick and former teammate

I think that when you are a “librivore” you become a little too demanding and that the inconsistencies jump you in the middle of the figure, from where Ali leaves the youngest of Cross? I came back to the beginning of the book to reread the first passages thinking that I had missed something, but no, then someone has an idea?

In summary, I would say that it is a good thriller, quite addictive, which can be read, I would try other volumes to get a better idea.

Thanks to my reading buddies for this sharing that make this book a traveling book in some way.

Cross Pdf Alex Cross

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