Dead and Buried Pdf

Dead and Buried Pdf

Dead and Buried Pdf

Dead and Buried Pdf

About the Book:

Dead and Buried Book

Author:                       Anne Cassidy

Publisher:                    Bloomsbury

Publish date:               March 6th 2014

ISBN-10:                      1408815532

ISBN-13:                      9781408815533

Pages:                          336

Language:                   English

Genres:                        Young adult, Mystery


Wow! A brilliant book and one of those exceptional but remarkable things when the series purely gets better and better with each book!
This was a wonderful read! All the queries and backlog of mysteries that have been irritating us throughout the last 3 books finally come together beautifully in this epic conclusion!
I am in love with Joshua and Rose! They are so adorable and I loved the moments between them!
The ending was truly satisfying and wrapped up well! I love it when a series has a good finale because it makes me think…”ah that was really good…will have to read those again sometime!” And I certainly came to this conclusion when I reached the end of the final page of this series!
I also enjoyed how Anna and Rose’s relationship settled over the series and how Anna came through for Rose in the end! She really started to act like a grandma and you could see how she cared about Rose.
There were plenty of twists and surprises which Cassidy threw in to throw me off the track and has me hooked from the first page!
I was astounded by Rose and Joshua’s parents. They really have changed and aren’t completely the people they used to be. Only rubbles of their old selves remain.
There were a few things that bothered me which was Rose’s attitude about certain situations. I didn’t like how she kept trying to take on that it was Brendan dragging her mother into it and her mother was the damsel in anguish victim! That her mother was innocent!
I also didn’t like her hesitancy to find out more just because her mother wasn’t the halo-around-her-head angel that Rose always believed her to be. It did upset me and found it distressing because it often led to arguments between her and Joshua! However, I came to admit this about her and by the last book I could actually realize and imagine I would feel the same way if I were in her shoes!
I did really like Rose and I love Josh too!
Did I mention they are so adorable? The way they found strength in each other and how Josh returned Rose’s feelings were just DELECTABLE!
This book is really attention-grabbing as the layers of plots unfold while the story is being told by Rose (the self-doubting character in the book who doesn’t know if she should stick to the past or move on). The story line is enthralling and this may be because I am completely obsessed with the other precious books. I really love the thoughts of Rose and the questioning of her life.

Really enjoyed this book! And I am very happy with the ending! Highly recommended!

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