Delirium Pdf

Delirium Pdf

Delirium Pdf

Delirium Pdf

About the Book:

Delirium Book

Author:                        Lauren Oliver

Publisher:                    HarperCollins; Reprint edition

Publish date:               February 7, 2012

ISBN-10:                      0061726834

ISBN-13:                      978-0061726835

Pages:                          480 eBook pages can be different

Language:                   English

Genres:                        Young adult


Warning: while reading this book you may experience severe reactions to falling in love, something that is forbidden in Delirium’s society. Consequences may include restless nights while reading Delirium, the feebleness to focus on anything else but reading this book, apprehension on what’s going to happen to Lena & Alex, having your heart ripped out, yearning, finding yourself sitting on the verge of your seat, caressing your book, running out to pre-order Pandemonium, stroking the new gorgeous cover, telling all your pals to go pick up this book, and certainly falling helplessly in love with the intense, and incredibly beautiful writing of Lauren Oliver.

Can you visualize living in a society where LOVE is a syndrome?! I truly loved the way Lauren created a captivating society that “cures” love. Yes it may seem funny, but when you read Delirium it completely makes sense. Lauren’s writing is just amazing! It’s richly exhaustive, it’s lyrical, fascinating and I love that she really makes me think. Lauren is truly a talented writer and I believe she could write a story about the most bizarre thing and make it credible.

This is one of the several reasons why I adored Lena, the story’s main leading role. She’s intuitive and I loved the way she fights to believe in something she’s grown up being taught vs. something that’s right in front of her face telling her otherwise. I love a character who has a pursuit for discovery the truth, no matter how painful that truth can be and how much they’ll have to sacrifice in order to get it. Alex is a character I instantly loved. He defies everything that Lena has been taught. I love the way in which he makes her think and assists her open her eyes to the reality around her. I obviously loved the way their relationship developed as the book progresses.

I’m amazed at how much I loved this book considering there isn’t a lot of action, there’s no supernatural characters and the characters aren’t as detailed as I usually like them. What a lovely change of pace this book is for me! This is a book that completely swept me off my feet with its gorgeous writing style, romantic plot, and it’s well developed characters. Oh Lauren Oliver the things you did to my heart in this book. Fortunately my heart won’t be ripped out for long as I’m off to sink my broken heart in Pandemonium. Truly, if you haven’t already go pick up Delirium! You’ll love every moment experiencing the side effects of love while reading Lena’s story. I will recommend this to Everyone..!!

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