Demon Dawn Pdf

Demon Dawn Pdf

Demon Dawn Pdf

Demon Dawn Pdf

About the book:

Demon Dawn Book

Author: William Massa

Series: Shadow Detective Book 4

Publisher: Critical Mass Publishing

Publish date: (June 28, 2017)

ASIN: B071X6L7R7

Pages: 139 eBook pages can be different

Language: English

Genres: Suspense


Over the years, I’ve racked up a pretty interesting resume. Monster Hunter. Demon Slayer. Paranormal Investigator. Now I’m about to add “thief” to the list.

The mastermind behind this high-risk heist is Vincent Taske, a billionaire dying of cancer. A man desperate to cheat death no matter what the cost.

His plan? Break into the Hagen Bank. According to occult circles, its underground vaults hold some of the most powerful magical relics on the planet. Taske wants the one that promises a chance at immortality.

Only one problem…how do you get around the most sophisticated supernatural security on Earth? Answer: you find a man marked by the forces of Hell. A man like me: Mike Raven. For this is no ordinary caper. We’re about to break into an infernal fortress of evil.

Getting into the bank will be the easy part. The hard part is getting out alive…

Demon Dawn Pdf

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