Digging into WordPress pdf

Digging into WordPress pdf

Digging into WordPress pdf

Digging into WordPress pdf

About the book:

Digging into WordPress book

Author:                        Chris Coyier and Jeff Starr

Publisher:                    Digging into WordPress; 8th edition

Publish date:               May 1, 2011

ISBN-10:                      0983517800

ISBN-13:                      9780983517801

Pages:                          420 eBook pages can be different

Language:                   English

Genres:                        Web programming, WordPress



Digging into Word Press by Chris Coyier and Jeff Star is my 1st “real” book on Word Press. Until now I’d learned what I needed with a blend of the Codex, available how-to articles, acute intellect, and intuition. But after making websites for 5 different clients this year, I thought it finest to study up, heel in if you will.
Besides, the book’s layout is close to perfect: spiral-bound, color-coded, and listed in a rational “quick reference” style. I did notice, from about chapter 7 onwards, there were typographical error and missing words. Carping aside, I’m quite satisfied and foreknow using this as a reference book for a long time.
Its extraordinary 420 pages are crowded with full of metaphors, details, advices, tricks, demos, and code snippets. And when I say crowded, I mean it; some pages were even a slight challenging to read because there was so much on one page. Not complaining though. I’d rather have too much information than not enough. What I will use instantly (well not right this moment but in the coming weeks.
Custom taxonomies. Wow! I was completely ignorant to the power these give WP-powered sites. My nerdy self was almost as thrilled about taxonomies as when I 1st learned about post formats.
Better organization. I haven’t ever been pleased with my groupings and tags: they’ve always looked too much or too little. But thanks to my new found information, I think maybe the layout will be just what I anticipated to do from the get-go.
Stronger permalinks. I already use pretty permalinks but the way I have them set up is way too lengthy. So I’m going to alter these up once my child theme is completed and my sites re-designed.
Security optimization. There are certainly a few doors that need to be closed.
Site optimization. All right, so I did already jump on this one – I deleted all disabled plugins that I’d kept “lest” – and I plan to make a few other nips as well.
Digging into Word Press is geared more towards the intermediate developer. Beginner’s heads might pop off once they go through the beginner information in the 1st few chapters. And expert developers would find the reprise (and the sections of identical content) inadequate. But for those who are used to with the basics of HTML, PHP and CSS, you’ll see the big image adequate to know what you can do, what you might want to do, and then how to go about doing it.

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