Dragonfly in Amber Pdf

Dragonfly in Amber Pdf

Dragonfly in Amber Pdf

Dragonfly in Amber Pdf

About the Book:

Dragonfly in Amber Pdf

Author:                        Diana Gabaldon

Publisher:                    Dell; Reprint edition

Publish date:               November 2, 1993

ISBN-10:                      0440215625

ISBN-13:                      9780440215622

Pages:                          976

Language:                   English

Genres:                        Romance, Timetravel


Dragonfly in Amber is no ordinary romance novel. In fact, despite of its romance and supernatural elements, it is much more of a historical novel than anything else in my opinion. This book reclines the reader in lush portrayals of 18th century European history, from the political plotting in the courts of King Louis 15th of France, to the daily life of a merchant, to the inner workings of hospitals of that time. Then it sweeps the reader along, back to the lovely Scottish Highlands, and finally into the Jacobite Uprising of 1745 in which Bonnie Prince Charlie tried vainly to retake the power of both Scotland and England. The author made generous use of real historical stars from King Louis and Prince Charles to their courtiers, advice-givers and Scottish clan rulers. Diana Gabaldon constantly surprises me with how she can credibly weave fictional characters into real historical situations and bring it all to life in such a way that it is a delight to read and never a bore. Even everyday things become special in her world. I was particularly captivated with the insights into medical treatment in that era, including the use of plants and herbs for curing. Claire works for a time, at a destitute hospital in Paris where all manner of “healers” volunteer their time and “medical services” to the patients. In several ways, it is amazing to see just how far we’ve come since then, but I was also fascinated by the use of what appeared to be acupuncture in one scene and the use of a small dog to sniff out infections in another. Obviously, both of these are still quite useful in medicine today. There is also a twisted mesh of ancestral ties that will surely keep readers on their toes. On the whole, Diana Gabaldon simply has a brilliant way with painting word pictures that just swept me up in the story and made me feel like I had really been transported back in time.
Unlike Outlander which can be a satisfying read by itself, there is a cliffhanger finale to Dragonfly in Amber, so fresh readers of the series will possibly want to have a copy of the next book, Voyager, on hand before starting. When I first read books 1-3 over a decade ago, I don’t think I could have waited for the sequel to come, so I’m happy I didn’t discover the series until the first 3 books had already been published. Dragonfly in Amber has forever earned a place on my keeper shelf next to its forerunner, Outlander. With her amazing ability and fascinating writing style, Diana Gabaldon has also earned a place among my favorite authors.

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