Eclipse Pdf The Twilight Saga

Eclipse Pdf The Twilight Saga

Eclipse Pdf The Twilight Saga

Eclipse Pdf The Twilight Saga

About the Book:

Eclipse Book

Author:                        Stephenie Meyer

Series:                          The Twilight Saga, Book 3

Publisher:                    Little, Brown Books for Young Readers; 1 edition

Publish date:              August 4, 2009

ISBN-10:                      0316027650

ISBN-13:                      9780316027656

Pages:                          640 eBook pages can be different

Language:                   English

Genres:                        Young adult, fantasy, romance, Vampire


The eclipse starts out with a secret string of murders in Seattle.Edward believes that these are newborn vampire attacks.This makes Charlie very careful about where Bella runs. Edward and Bella fill out college applications and Bella is making plans on when she will become a vampire. Jacob Black, Bella’s werewolf friend, becomes a major role in this novel as Bella begins to hang round with him.It is alone until one day when she calls him when he tells her that he loves her and forcefully kisses her.She is not pleased and punched him, simply because he’s a werewolf, she lets out her hand.And so, they have an on-and-off friendship throughout the record.When Bella claims a few days afterwards that she “wants Edward” Edward proposes to her, and says that he will bend her into a vampire if she agrees to get hitched with him first.The band of newborn vampires is led by Victoria, and they are getting nearer.However, the Cullen’s and the Wolf Pack have a plan. They will all get together and fight the vampires to get Bella and everyone else safe in the end, the Cullen’s and Wolf Pack have no casualties, and Victoria and her gang is defeated. Jake is furious about Bella’s decision to become a vampire, then he goes away.Only Bella is so glad to be with Edward, which will soon be forever.

After the emotional roller coaster of New Moon, it took me a while to find my feet in this installment. Still, Meyer worked her charm on me once again.In that respect are some bits of pure brilliance in this novel.I believe that she has a way with words, with painting powerful imagery in my mind.I loved the line in which Jacob says he is Bella’s Sun, but he can’t fight the eclipse (which is Edward). That one line pretty much carries the heart of this series.I enjoy this series because it moves me at the core.The idea of a love that neat, something beyond intellect.When you love somebody, you can’t always dissect out the whys, and you can’t modify it.You can go on, sometimes.Hold out your life, but part of you are always going to be with that person, and you don’t ever beat it backward. That’s what I see with Edward and Bella, and with Bella and Jake. Although not on the same scope, as an inveterate booklover, when I finish these books, I feel like part of me stays with them after I read the final page.It echoes that powerful feeling of passion in a small way in my lifetime. And I like that!

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