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Eldest Pdf

Eldest Pdf

Eldest Pdf

About the book:

Eldest book

Author:                        Christopher Paolini

Publisher:                    Corgi Childrens

Publish date:               7 Sept. 2006

ISBN-10:                      0552552119

ISBN-13:                      9780552552110

Pages:                          704 eBook pages can be different

Language:                   English

Genres:                       Fiction


We find our heroes, winners of the fierce bloody battle of Tronjheim, exactly where we left them at the end of the first volume. The adventure continues and the tension increases in this world full of humans, dwarves, elves, monsters and dragons. The story alternates between two stories run parallel: the initiatory journey to the beautiful strap Saphira Eragon and his dragon in the land of the Elves one hand, and the desperate flight of Roran, Eragon’s cousin, head of villagers Carhahall before the evil King Galbatorix forces on the other. The two stories parallel at first, gradually converge to become one in the battle of the titans that will engage the various stakeholders at the end of the second part of this trilogy.

Like his hero Eragon, author Christopher Paolini has matured: the writing is better mastered, plus “removed” as the first volume and playback is facilitated. Evoked characters are “worked” even more complex; different imagined worlds are described with great precision and the classic themes of “Fantasy” (self-knowledge, the trip “real” and “inside”, good and evil, etc …) are treated. A magical book.

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