Eleanor and Park Pdf

Eleanor and Park Pdf

Eleanor and Park Pdf

Eleanor and Park Pdf

About the book:

Eleanor and Park book

Author:                        Rainbow Rowell

Publisher:                    Orion

Publish date:               7 July 2014

ISBN-10:                      1409157253

ISBN-13:                      9781409157250

Pages:                          336 eBook pages can be different

Language:                   English

Genres:                        Love & Romance


This book gave me the eye after he was announced. And advice that resulted convinced me to provide me. Shot from heart to heart stroke, I did not hesitate for long. So I was leaving very positive in the beginning, but perhaps just a little too because in the end I come out disappointed …

Eleanor is a young girl around, folded on itself and returns to her mother after a year’s absence. With the abandonment of her father, she lived alone with his brothers, his sister and his mother, until it finds a new companion, who made their living from a nightmare.

In contrast, there was Park who lives with both parents. A simple life, sincere and relaxing compared to that of Eleanor. Two opposite that ultimately will be at the corner of a bus, where she chose to sit next to him. First scowling, he will quickly establish a relationship between them that will quickly evolve into friendship and more.

I soon was disoriented by the writing style of the author … chopped childish sentences, I really struggled to get used to it and suddenly, I have not managed to hang as so much. I seemed to find myself in front of a diary written by a schoolgirl, it was very disturbing and depressing. Because yes, I who was expecting a beautiful love story, I end up with a creepy novel, scary and sad. Not a beautiful story between two young people.

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