Empire Burning Pdf

Empire Burning Pdf

Empire Burning Pdf

Empire Burning Pdf

About the book:

Empire Burning Book

Author: Michael Chatfield

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2017

Publish date: December 3, 2017


Pages: 302 eBook pages can be different

Language: English

Genres: Cyberpunk


Pandora’s Box has been opened. The Pantheon of Emerilia has gone through tremendous changes the event of Myths and Legends suppressed.

Warships now move in the stars, made of soul gem constructs, built by mages and engineers, crewed by those that lived on Emerilia or within Earth’s Simulation.

The Deq’ual system stands with Emerilia, their brothers and sisters, their family and fellow human descendants.

The Jukal Empire will not let Emerilia rise peacefully. As Empires grow, so too can they be toppled. Only one can remain, in their biggest gamble yet, they must pass through the fires of war, Empire against Empire.

Empire Burning Pdf

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