Ender’s Game Pdf

Ender’s Game Pdf

Ender's Game Pdf

Ender’s Game Pdf

About the Book:

Ender’s Game Book

Author:                        Orson Scott Card

Publisher:                    Tor Science Fiction

Publish date:               July 15, 1994

ISBN-10:                      0812550706

ISBN-13:                      9780812550702

Pages:                          352

Language:                   English

Genres:                        science fiction, classics


It should go without saying that science fiction and young adult fiction are not reflected as the most prestigious fictional genres. Together with romance and crime, they fit in to a cosmic, unregulated world of best-selling books that attract unusual critical praise. And yet, some of the works that come from this situation continue to grab the attention and imagination of its reader’s years after their release. With the recent release of a movie adaption, it is worth looking at what Orson Scott Card’s Ender’s Game can, and cannot, instil us almost 30 years since its 1985 debut.

The story follows the military education of a preadolescent boy whose foreigner status gets him in trouble with the perpetual bullies, but also catches the eye of his superiors. In a not so distant future, human race has endured two alien invasions and is now on the belligerent. For a mysterious reason, the International Fleet, an Earth-wide military behemoth, has decided to start training children as young as 7 for a preemptive war to end all wars with the aliens.

Ender is taken to a space station that will be his place for the next several years with a group of outstanding children showing intellectual and physical potential, but also, heartlessness. These über kinder study hard and practice in the Battle Room, a huge three dimensional field in which teams battle each other. In a zero gravity world, there is no “down,” we are retold. As Ender’s stature among his peers and teachers increases, he becomes lonely and gloomy. He is promoted very quickly and advances through the ranks as no other child has before. The burden of it all, at instants, seems unbearable, especially when Ender is assigned a rookie army which he has to train and win with against superior rival teams.

Ender’s pursuit at the end of the story should thus not be read as a charge against humanity’s ethical idiocy and the enemy’s final justification. That is, that there would be peace if only we could talk to each other better, that favorite argument of conciliators everywhere. Ender’s ultimate verdict to go at it alone in the movie (as opposed with his sister in the book) at the end is a delightful image of an individual’s explicable plight to come to terms with his own integrity.

In that sense, this is truly a conservative book, in the best sense of the word. We live in a world of compromises and hard decisions with which consequences we have to live with. At times, these decisions are made for us, as in Ender’s case, but the consequences persist. These complexities, and not just the outstanding entertainment, is what makes Ender’s Game so good now, as it was 30 years ago, but if you only have time for one — skip the movie and read the book.

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