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Eric Pdf

About the book:

Eric book

Author:                        Terry Pratchett

Publisher:                    Gollancz; New Ed edition

Publish date:               11 May 2000

ISBN-10:                      1857989546

ISBN-13:                      9781857989540

Pages:                          160 eBook pages can be different

Language:                   English

Genres:                        Science Fiction and Fantasy


Everything is in the title: the Faust myth revisited by the master of the burlesque fantasy. Fourth book showing Rincewind the mage crappy but this time in a book punctuated with fire illustrations M. KIRBY, draftsman who had the distinction of being artistic-literary symbiosis with Pratchett.

The book is beautiful, ATALANTE We are pleased once again.

The story, although linear (in his reading, not in space-time!) Counts the adventures of a 14-year Demonologist a little head slaps named Eric, who invoked good old Rincewind we had abandoned in the size of the lower pits at the end of Sourcery and lost pensions (hahahaha! c’te joke !! This is the king of every man for himself). Will follow an initiatory journey through space and time by revisiting the War of Troyes, the Aztec civilization, Cosmogony (creation of the universe in the Myths) and Dante’s Inferno administrative version.

It is well written, less extensive than Sourcery (3 times fewer pages, Pratchett to the point) but it is pleasant and happy to join the collection in the library.

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