Extras Pdf

Extras Pdf

Extras Pdf

Extras Pdf

About the book:

Extras book

Author:                         Scott Westerfeld

Publisher:                    Turtleback Books

Publish date:               28 April 2009

ISBN-10:                      0606107150

ISBN-13:                      9780606107150

Pages:                          417 eBook pages can be different

Language:                   English

Genres:                        Fiction and Fantasy


I eagerly awaited the release of Extras, and I was a little disappointed. I find it below the top three, but I think it’s because I had attached to Tally, we do not see much here. It is still worth a read if we started the series, but for me it was still a disappointment
I devoured the first 3 volumes without being a fan of this kind of novel. Intrigued by the fourth volume of what was announced as a trilogy, I bought it, wondering what could happen from nine to Tally while his adventures seemed finished me. I’m a little disappointed. I have not had the same pleasure in reading this volume than before. I find that the author could have stopped at “Specials” which ended very well trilogy (for my taste).
But you have to see for yourself that what this book has of your taste.

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