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Glitches pdf



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Glitches pdf

Author:                        Marissa Meyer

Publisher:                    Square Fish; 2nd edition

Publish date:               January 8, 2013

ISBN-10:                      1250007208

ISBN-13:                      9781250007209

Pages:                          448 (eBook pages can be different)

Language:                   English

Genres:                        Young Adult, Science Fiction, Romance



Glitches by Marissa Meyer is an outstanding short story to complement The Lunar Chronicles. It begins with Cinder when she is a young girl and shows how she came to be a part of the Linn family. We see that she meets her step parents and her sisters for the first time and we also that how cruel her step mother was with her. Pearl, it appears has always been an angel to her – and I wouldn’t have expected anything less.

It’s sad to see how she is treated. She realize from the beginning that she is different and doesn’t belong to this family. Besides we see how her step father disappears from the picture due to illness. Fortunately she figure out quickly that she has a ability with tinkering on mechanical things and it’s a grateful thing she did otherwise I can’t even imagine that she survives as long as she did in that family.

The Lunar Chronicles world is very charming, especially seeing the dynamics between the humans and androids. I think it’s exciting how an android is treated like they’re a low level citizen even though they are a part of the family. It surely brings up the matter of a specific glitch that both Cinder and Iko, an android that Cinder put back together, share whether androids feel emotions. I love that Cinder is extremely skilled at fixing things, not housework. I’m just picturing what she could do for the family, I guess, So many things.

What an entertaining short story. I loved Cinder so, when I was done, I desired more of this beautiful world and these wonderful characters. And this is what this short story gives. It enhances the backstory of many characters. We get to meet Cinder as a child at her first days as a cyborg. We get to see how she acquaint to her new life. If you love Cinder you have to read this too. You will get to know more about several characters such as Cinder’s step-parents, Iko, Pearl and Peony.

Generally, a great tale that familiarizes you to the world of Cinder. Everyone keeps saying that this needs to be read before reading Cinder, but I don’t agree with that. I found that this prequel was useful at setting up the world of Cinder. Anyway it’s a lovely little companion to the novel series, but it really doesn’t matterin what sequence you read. You’re still familiarized to Cinder and her world either way, but Glitches provides a backstory which you couldn’t find in Cinder.I wouldn’t mention this being the first thing you read in The Lunar Chronicles. If you have not read anything in the series yet, begin with Cinder, then it would be good enough to read Glitches. Of course I loved this, as I’ve loved all the previous books I’ve read in this series so far. Highly recommended, for fans of Cinder.

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