Hacking For Dummies Pdf 4th Edition

Hacking For Dummies Pdf 4th Edition

Hacking For Dummies Pdf 4th Edition

Hacking For Dummies Pdf 4th Edition

About the Book:

Hacking For Dummies 4th Edition Book

Author:                        Kevin Beaver

Publisher:                    For Dummies; 4 edition

Publish date:               January 29, 2013

ISBN-10:                      1118380932

ISBN-13:                     9781118380932

Pages:                          408 eBook pages can be different

Language:                   English

Genres:                        Hacking


The books theme, similar to all books of the same genre, is that the optimum technique to secure your network and web sites is to understand how hackers will attack .This book is mainly about ethical hacking which is checking computers and computer networks for vulnerabilities. Any computer won’t be completely safe to hacking but the hoax is to make it so hard and time taking it’s not worth it. With most computer networks hackers don’t bother retrieving the password with a password cracker software instead they recourse to dumpster diving or social engineering. Dumpster is pitching in the prospective victim’s junk to see what you can find out. It’s astonishing what people don’t tatter. Social engineering usually takes the form of someone call up the company help desk and act as if they are an employee who has lost his password or pretend they are the computer repair men, there to patch-up one of the servers. In many corporations the helpdesk is situated at a distance from the entrance allowing anyone to barge in at rush hours without being seen. A hacker will habitually use a packet sniffer like wire shark to look at the traffic going to and from your server before the attack. Wire shark is open source but not as simple to use as some commercial softwares. For the real cracking the password a software like Cain and Able or John the Ripper are the two well-known. Interestingly 79% of security cracks come from workers and ex- workers. One nightmare for a lot of corporations is the number of digital cameras and smartphones brought onto corporation premises each capable of snapping anything on a computer screen. Most corporations don’t take this issue as seriously as they should. In the back of this book it lists tons of resources linking with hacking even a phishing toolkit which I assume has dark intentions. I really liked this book and I think it’s clear it is an exciting subject. One final point is you might groan about the cost of securing your computer or network but if it gets penetrated the cost is expected to be much higher. That’s especially true if you are a corporation or group. If you are seeking a practical guide that can teach you real hacking and penetration testing ability, Hacking For Dummies is an excellent resource.

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