Halo Cryptum pdf

Halo Cryptum pdf

Halo Cryptum pdf

Halo Cryptum pdf

About the Book:

Halo Cryptum Book

Author:                             Greg Bear

Publisher:                        Tor Books; Reprint edition

Publish date:                   January 4, 2011

ISBN-10:                         0765323966

ISBN-13:                          9780765323965

Pages:                            352 eBook pages can be different

Language:                      English

Genres:                             Military science fiction


I am an aficionado of both Greg Bear and Halo. I’ve never read any of the Halo novels, and my curiosity in the universe never drawn-out beyond the games. When I saw Greg Bear had a book I’d not read, I had to get it and read it, albeit it happened to be Halo-related: I tend to stay away from game or TV fiction.

I was straightaway at ease with the writing. Like many of Bear’s books, the story reveals without much description, you’re directly immersed in the world. Regardless of knowing a fair amount about the Halo universe, mostly everything in this book was new to me. It’s established well before the Halo games, and has more to do with the Forerunners and the Precursors than anything else. These competitions are almost mythical in the game, discussed only vaguely.

The story develops through the eyes of a young forerunner, excited to travel around the universe for motives of his own. Although it starts gradually, this lets you get at least an initial demeanor in the universe. From there the story explains, and the relevance to the Halo universe becomes more evident.

I found the characters fascinating, along with the technology, and the mythos of the universe. The story develops in a way which almost makes me forget it’s grounded on the Halo game universe. To me, this is a Good thing.
Overall, this is an outstanding installment in the Halo verse though a little elusive and detached to what we are accustomed to. A little softer and gentle linked the endless actions and overexcited metaphors of the other books. The book itself is copious but the pages are thick and the words big. You will gust through this book in about a day or 2.
If you’re not a lover of immersive science fiction (jumping straight into the universe without much in the way of descriptions), this will probably be a tough read for you. If you do like that kind of fiction, though, and you like Bear’s other works, you’ll be in cloud nine. And, even if you dislike Halo, if you’re a fan of some of Bear’s other works, I suspect you will be pleased to read this book.
I enjoyed Halo: Cryptum much more than I expected. The writing is well-cooked and the Halo universe makes for a vivacious and fascinating setting. This would be a great beginning for novices since it’s basically the story of how it all began. Long-time Halo fans won’t be dissatisfied either and will finally get some answers to lots of piping hot questions. Definitely recommended!

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