Halo The Cole Protocol PDF

The Cole Protocol PDF

Halo The Cole Protocol PDF

Halo The Cole Protocol PDF

About the book:

The Cole Protocol book

Author:                        Tobias Buckell

Publisher:                    Tor Books; Reprint edition

Publish date:               November 3, 2009

ISBN-10:                      0765354721

ISBN-13:                      9780765354723

Pages:                          368 eBook pages can be different

Language:                   English

Genres:                        Military science fiction



The Cole Protocol was an incredible book about a commanding officer, named Jacob Keyes, leading a team of 3 great, special operations officers known as the Hell Jumpers. They are officially called ODSTs, their task is to clear-out a worn-out UNSC ship and retrieve the lost AI. Their mission is broken up by outer forces. A top alien fleet, known as the Covenant, are endeavoring to reach the AI before the ODSTs. The Covenant are an elite army of an alien kind, who are trying to kill all of Lt. Keyes men. They are also endeavoring to board the ship, known as The Mighty Sparrow, a great UNSC ship that was taken on to gain possession of the AI and any other vital info contained on the ship. The ODSTs are teamed up with marines to fight the Covenant, and complete their task before it is dilapidated by the Covenant.
In the plot, Author is very evocative of what happens. Most of the story comes about up in space and on ships roaming through outer space. The story is perplexing at some points, there are numerous twists and turns that occur. The main emphasis of the story is for the ODSTs and Marines to complete their given task, but the Covenant are continuously following them around the galaxy trying to destroy the ship they are travelling in, but they are persistently dodged by the Hell Jumpers and the Marines. The ODSTs and Marines ultimately get the AI out of the worn-out ship. After salvaging the AI and all the info info they needed of the ship, they all board one of the Covenants’ ships and attack it for any significant data they shouldn’t have possession of.
Its characters are vibrant as they change views on things and become punitive or compassionate. There are some characters such as, a Rubble officer raised to abhor the UNSC, a squad of Spartans trying to destroy the data chip, and a Covenant Elite on an underground task from the very top of Covenant society looking for the data chip to put an end to Earth and the Rubble. The setting was in the 2500s, mostly on an evacuee base behind enemy lines called the Rubble.

Overall, it’s a great book. Although I will admit, this book is not for everyone. Basically, if you like Halo, and the Halo book series, then you will love this book. I’ve also read Contact Harvest, the other 3 and Ghosts of Onyx. For the amateur, this is not a book for you. The book makes mentions and allusions to other parts of the Halo mythologies; so unless you are able to speed, the book would possibly be hefty, lacking in information, and possibly not all that amusing to read. For other people that have followed Halo, and enjoyed the other books, go out and purchase this. It’s not a hard read, but an entertaining one. It reads like the books that came before it, and puts a human face on mankind’s struggle against The Covenant.

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