Harry Potter prequel Pdf

Harry Potter prequel Pdf

Harry Potter prequel Pdf

Harry Potter prequel Pdf

About the Book:

Harry Potter prequel Book

Author:                        J. K. Rowling

Publisher:                    Bloomsbury

Publish date:               2008

Pages:                          2 (eBook pages can be different)

Language:                   English

Genres:                        fiction, fantasy


This is superbly fascinating, I cannot even explain well. As a die-hard J.K. Rowling fan, I was so happy when I found out that she wrote this prequel to the series. Not only was I happy that she wrote the prequel in general, I was even more nerved that she wrote it about James and Sirius. I think that many Harry Potter fans have a closeness to James and Sirius that was never really able to be fleshed out like they might have been able to, had their demises not been so early in life. This 800-word piece of intellect shows how very much Sirius hadn’t changed, but simultaneously, had when we meet him in Prisoner of Azkaban.

I think that many Potter fans yearns for new pieces of the magical world they grew up in and I think that Rowling knows this as well. This prequel was just enough to satisfy my yearning and give me the urge to reread the series. It is, like all of Rowling’s work, passionately written with a peculiarity that she always brings to Harry’s tales. One of the better parts of this prequel was that it didn’t openly take in Harry at all. We’re all so used to Harry being the heart of Rowling’s stories that it’s really quite bracing when we get a breather from that.

My favorite part from the entire prequel was the age that she wrote them as. They’re smart ass teens without a care in the world and you can sense that rising off of the page (or computer screen, whatever you will). It’s magical and imaginative and totally everything that one feels when reading Rowling’s work. It’s something exceptional that we are able to read James in his prime and his dynamic with Sirius. They have almost a patent lack of concern for the Muggles police and the suffering they’re potentially in. It’s very real to the characters she wrote. The amount of love I have for those 800 words are amazing and makes me love the Marauders even more. I totally loved this. Entertaining story!

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