Hit and Run Trading Pdf

Hit and Run Trading Pdf

Hit and Run Trading Pdf

Hit and Run Trading Pdf

About the book:

Hit and Run Trading Book

Author: Jeff Cooper

Publisher: Wiley; Updated edition

Publish date: (November 22, 2004)

ISBN-10: 9781592801985

ISBN-13: 978-1592801985

Pages: 192 eBook pages can be different

Language: English

Genres: Business


Jeff Cooper is back with a newly updated Hit & Run Trading Volume I. Delivering a day-by-day trading plan of attack, this comprehensive manual is your key to conquering the market on a daily basis.

Join Jeff as he reveals his most intimate winning methods for daytrading and short trading the market. While the traditional “buy and hold” strategy may work well in bull markets, Cooper’s “Hit & Run” methods work in ALL markets. His easy to follow methods will show you exactly:

Which stocks to focus on each day
Where to place your buy stops and sell short stops
The precise amount of risk you should take
And how to take the psychology out of trading in his new “Mind Over Money” chapter!
PLUS, you’ll gain access to Jeff’s personal arsenal of strategies including:

Stepping in Front of Size™ – learn how to buy a stock just moments before the big boys!
1-2-3-Pullbacks™ – discover the three-day setup that consistently triggers 4–15 point gains within just days!
Expansion Breakouts™ – master the one breakout that consistently leads to further gains.
The power of Creating the Daily Hit List – learn how to recognize which stocks are rapidly moving and which setups to use to trade them – invaluable knowledge to keep you ahead of the game!
A true trading sensation and classic – now in it’s newly updated format!

Hit and Run Trading Pdf

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