Homecoming Pdf The 100 Kass Morgan

Homecoming Pdf Kass Morgan

Homecoming Pdf The 100 Kass Morgan

Homecoming Pdf The 100 Kass Morgan

About the book:

Homecoming Pdf Kass Morgan

Author:                        Kass Morgan

Series: the 100 (Book 3)

Publisher:                    Little, Brown Books for Young Readers

Publish date:               February 24, 2015

ISBN-10:                      0316381969

ISBN-13:                      9780316381963

Pages:                          336 eBook pages can be different

Language:                   English

Genres:                        Literature, Fiction, Action, Adventure, Science Fiction


I waited for the end of the saga The 100 forward: the two-tome had completely left me unsatisfied. Upon its announcement, so I pre ordered Homecoming.

One of the passengers of L’Arche finally arrived on Earth and with this landing; the lives of 100 will be pretty upset. Bellamy knows he most feared: the crime committed is not likely to be forgotten. For once the threat may come from within the colony and not earthlings!

With homecoming, Kass Morgan signs a late explosive saga! If the volume was already two action-packed, the author got us the best for last: it bleeds, it dies, and it is fighting for freedom in this Volume 3! Pages turn frantically: I had only hurry, how the story would end. I liked to see Clarke, Bellamy, Wells and Glass. Our heroes are reunited and I took great pleasure in seeing them grow together and see links gradually build relationships between them. The fact that they are now all on Earth makes the plot much more fluid and less fragmented.

The 100’s characters are among my favorite hero. Clarke is an exemplary heroine without being devoid of feelings; it is strong, courageous and loyal. My favorite remains Bellamy (as in the series for that matter) and Kass Morgan succeed even managed to make me appreciate even while Wells incorporate me in the CW program.

Fan of the TV series, I appreciated that the author comes off the television version: apart from the basic idea, there is no comparison between the two works, and that’s good! Kass Morgan offers a new version, makes us see the characters differently and although different, I’m a fan of both versions.

Homecoming thus marks the end of a saga that I’ll regret. After all, the adventure of our heroes is just beginning and I would have liked to take a little longer. Fortunately, I have left the TV series to console me. Volume 3 of The 100 will be released on March 26 next in Collection A. I suggest you go for this great saga that combines action, suspense and romance: a winning combo for a saga not to be missed!

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