I think therefore I play Pdf

I think therefore I play Pdf

I think therefore I play Pdf

I think therefore I play Pdf

About the Book:

I think therefore I play Book

Author:                        Andrea Pirlo with Alessandro Alciato

Publisher:                    BackPage Press

Publish date:               15 April 2014

ISBN-10:                      1909430161

ISBN-13:                      9781909430167

Pages:                          200

Language:                   English

Genres:                        Biography, Sport, Football


Andrea Pirlo has been one of the greatest midfielders of his compeers, for both club and country. He has won scudetti, a World Cup and the Champions League, and is still playing at the top level at the age of 35.
I was really happy, as a fan of Serie A, and of Juventus in particular, when I saw ‘I Think Therefore I Play’ had been translated into English. Definitely, playing with the eminent dictum of the French philosopher Descartes, this title specifies that the book will be less of a conformist, sequential autobiography, and more focused on important events from Pirlo’s life, in no particular order, and his reflections and personal thoughts.
It begins with the player pensive over a beautiful Cartier pen, given to him on leaving AC Milan, and whether it is fair to use it to sign for Juventus. We meet Adriano Galliani in this scene, and go on to meet an array of other characters too: Berlusconi, who is a entertaining joker; Agnelli and Moratti, who see themselves as guardians of their respective clubs for the fans; Cassano, who claims to have slept with seven-hundred women, and Gattuso, who regardless of being portrayed as a bumpkin, was a lion on the pitch.
But readers will find themselves in numerous, astounding situations. What was it like to win a World Cup, or be winning 3-0 in the Champions League Final and lose? To be so gifted that your junior fellow players won’t pass to you, envious at your skill? Pirlo also comes across as a deep thinker, considering different aspects of his career, and life in general. Should players who test positive ever be allowed on to the pitch again? How best can discrimination in football be tackled? Can avarice and success with women ever compete with pulling on the blue shirt and playing for the Azzurri?
In moral code, his is one to be admired. From his earliest contests of deceit and jealousy, which matured him into the responsibility of taking on his talents, to the somber reflections of social prejudices which makes guilty of the innocent, there comes forth a compassionate thinker. Sometimes, the reader will find themselves seamlessly lead along an eloquent avenue of reflection, as all the emotions induced from the events of the narrative are brightly depicted with poetic subtlety. Pirlo does this as a story teller, a being of modesty and a teacher. Reflecting on the loss to Liverpool in the Champion’s League final in 2005, he intensely compounds his feeling of failure with, “I could hardly sleep and even when I did nod off, I awoke to an ugly thought: I’m disgusting.” In balance of such debility, he gives us, “There are always lessons to be found in the darkest moments. It’s a moral onus to dig deep and find that little spark of hope or pearl of wisdom.”

Andrea Pirlo’s biography is captivating, and his style is easy-going and enthralling. You could easily read this in a couple of sittings.
Forza Pirlo!

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