If I Stay Pdf

If I Stay Pdf

If I Stay Pdf

If I Stay Pdf

About the Book:

If I Stay Book

Author:                        Gayle Forman

Publisher:                    Speak; Reprint edition

Publish date:               April 6, 2010

ISBN-10:                      014241543X

ISBN-13:                      9780142415436

Pages:                          320 eBook pages can be different

Language:                   English

Genres:                        Romance, Paranormal


Solely, this book wouldn’t be the emotional cruncher it is without some outstanding writing from Forman. Without giving too much away, she makes all characters in this story extremely tangible. It starts off as many young adult stories do, some trivia and a lot of great dialogue between Mia and her family. Once that part is finished, the tone totally changes. Mia and her family are involved in an accident and Mia’s stuck in limbo, watching the lives of those who care for her, and those she cares for in return, without the influence to do anything but watch.

Forman walks the line between Mia’s memories and the present with ease. Most of the time a book similar in intent would be manipulative, but I didn’t feel this at all. I felt Forman’s affection for each one of these people, as if they were her own. That Mia’s loss, was her loss. The empathy that paths through this book is both inspiring and astonishing.

Despite the slightly dark subject matter this is a story of hope, life avowal and all that it brings. The relationship between Mia and Adam is true, they might be in love but they have some real problems and they aren’t all solved with a snap of their fingers. Kim is an amazing pal, ironic and strong, her appearances in the book are audacious and bursting with love. I particularly love an incident in the play area that was the beginning of the girl’s friendship. Mia’s parents made a huge impression on me, they sounded familiar, as if I had met them but eluding anything resembling a cliché. The hospital staff, especially Nurse Ramirez with her biting insight and infinite care, also made an impression on me. How much did she actually know? Mia’s grandparents melted my heart, I have always heard how enduring one’s child is the worst thing possible but these two surpass the situation with some goodness and hope. I was stunned by how quickly this story and girl sucked me in – as the tears would attest.

Music has a big role in this book but it’s never clumpy or awkward. Mia is slightly a cello genius and her boyfriend, Adam heads a band called the Shooting Star. Her father is a former punk and her mother was one of those feminist rock chicks, both parents still hold their rocking’ sensibilities.
This novel is about love. Love for your family and the family you make for yourself. The power to follow your desire, to love your parents unconditionally and they do the same to you, to have faith in people, to embrace music and life. It’s all about the choice, when no two choices are easy, what would you do?

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